Passion for Wellness & Longevity

Hello, I am Coach Lauroly and I am a Certified Integrative Health Coach. Thank you for stopping by to learn more about my “Flourishing Through the Ages’ Longevity Coaching Program’. I think the best way to share more about the program is to share a little about myself, as well as my foundational approach to health coaching. Finding a health coach is like finding any other health practitioner. It’s important that you feel comfortable and trust the person you are working with. So, who is ‘Coach Lauroly’? My full name is Laura Connolly and I use my pen name here at the blog because it’s user friendly and you can remember it!

I’ve been a wellness blogger for the last 10 years and have been dedicated to helping women cultivate wellness wisdom and become comfortable in their own skin. As an avid reader of health and wellness books my whole life, I wanted to share the wealth of information and wisdom I had been acquiring and decided I would conduct Q&A’s with the leading experts, scientist, doctors, and authors, who are advancing wellness culture. I guess you could say I’m a ‘wellness passioneer’ because I’m passionate about the wellness journey and enthusiastic about always learning and sharing.

From Wellness Blogger to Integrative Health Coach

The wellness doctors I have featured at WWB mainly come from the holistic, integrative, and functional medicine fields, as I believe in the foundational philosophy of these fields of practice. They treat people as unique bio-individuals and are interested in getting to the root of illness as opposed to just treating symptoms. They are also invested in building vitality and health by preventing illness. This doesn’t mean that they or I don’t believe in traditional medical care and intervention when it’s needed. The word integrative simply means serving or intending to unify separate things.

In my health coaching terms integrative means understanding how all the parts exist interdependently and then working on each part for holistic wellness. The good news is a lot of aging related illness can be prevented or managed well by focusing on a healthy diet, habits, and lifestyle. Think of your lifestyle as something you can holistically design and cultivate for wellness and longevity. Working on your wellness lifestyle for longevity is the best “DIY’ project you will ever work on. It’s hard to believe just how much impact you can have on your own future and destiny, when you practice lifestyle as medicine.


Just recently I decided to come out from ‘behind the desk’ as a wellness blogger to work directly with women who are passionate about healthy longevity and living life well. I became certified as an Integrative Health Coach and graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition which puts an emphasis on well-rounded nutritional education in conjunction with holistic wellness lifestyle approaches and modalities. This integrative approach was extremely important to me because I had already learned through my own life experiences that health and wellness was holistic. I discovered that each part of my being (mind, body, spirit) is interdependent, and learning to love all the parts was the pathway to flourishing and feeling my best through the ages. Cultivating wellness wisdom and discerning what was best for my bio-individuality has been my lifelong journey.


While we all want to look our best as we age, we ultimately want to feel our personal best. In today’s modern sick culture, our inner wisdom gets hijacked by so many promotional quick fixes promising to make us look and feel better. There is nothing wrong with looking for help or exploring wellness modalities, but I believe your first line of action is to take a good inventory of your total ‘personal health and lifestyle’ with an integrative health coach while working with a trained physician if you are not well. Once you have a clear picture of your current health status, you can address what ails you with your doctor and work on designing your own wellness lifestyle so you can flourish through the ages.

Nurture Your Nature’ is at the core of my wellness philosophy and what this means in a literal sense is taking care of and loving our own unique personal bio individuality. There just aren’t one size fits all approaches to health and nutrition, any more than there is for what makes us personally happy and fulfilled. We’re all different, and no-one can live your life as well as you!


Getting old and aging well are two different things. This is what many integrative doctors mean when they talk about lifespan vs. healthspan. Your lifespan may indeed be long. But your healthspan is how well you age free from disease and chronic conditions. Looking to the future is good but how do you want to feel right now?

Do you want to feel more comfortable in your own skin and body?

Do you want to feel more energized and less drained?

Do you want to feel more vitality and less fatigue?

Do you want to feel more nourished, and less diet deprived?

Do you want to feel more relaxed and less stressed?

Do you want to feel more physically conditioned and less sluggish?

Do you want to feel more balanced and less disturbed by your hormones?

Do you want to feel well more rested and less exhausted?

Do you want to feel more at peace and less anxious?

Congratulations! Your honest answers to these questions have created a solid baseline for improving your health today and designing a longevity lifestyle for the ages ahead. I emphasized the ‘feel’ because ultimately you have to live comfortable in your own skin. As an Integrative Health Coach, I can help you identify the obstacles and illuminate the path as you embark on your wellness and longevity journey.


In my 6 month ‘Flourishing Through the Ages’ program, I will work with you on the itinerary for your wellness journey, and help you map out a path to flourishing and aging well! We’ll follow a process that will help you tune in, identify, and integrate what’s best for your individual wellness lifestyle.

There is always a bit of trial and error when making changes and I personally made plenty of tweaks and adjustments on my wellness journey. We do better when we know better, and we are always changing. Your wellness journey is a lifelong practice of managing habits, change, and transition. Suddenly at 47, I was discovering my body was asking me to change course and recalculate! Perimenopause, menopause or ‘the changes’ as they call it present a whole new wellness challenge for women. We sometimes miss just how important nurturing our nature is when we’re smack in the middle of a lot of life’s busy demands. I’m here to gently remind you that your nutrition and wellness lifestyle is more important than ever when your body is changing. And no longer 47, I can tell you, it keeps on changing!


This is where my health coaching begins. Getting to know you, focusing on your bio-individuality, and working on what matters to you as you navigate your wellness journey. Maybe you will want to exclusively focus on one part like weight management, but what you will find is your diet and weight is always connected to the rest of your lifestyle. We can zoom in on your diet and zoom out to connect some dots in your overall lifestyle too. Think holistic!

So, how do you want to feel at 50, 60, 75, or 90 for that matter? I hope you make feeling comfortable in your own skin the goal when you think about aging well for longevity. Ultimately, how you treat your bio-individuality NOW will determine how you feel and look when you reach the ages of the future. It’s a good time to invest in your wellness lifestyle wherever you are at, because guess what? It can only get better when you do!

When you are ready to commit and nurture your nature, I am ready to guide you on your journey as your coach. On the days when you’re just not feeling it or fall off track, I will be there to support your valued goals and illuminate the pathway to wellness with a mix of inspiration +wisdom + tools. Visit the Flourishing Through the Ages Page to learn more about the  longevity program I offer, and if you are curious, you can take advantage of my introductory 15-minute consultation free of charge before getting started.

“No-One Can Live Your Life As Well As You”
~Coach Lauroly

I hope you give yourself the present of time and attention with an investment in health coaching with me. Let’s lay down a healthy lifestyle foundation you can sustain, as you continue to flourish and change for the better!