Thanks for stopping by to learn more about ‘Truly Herself’.  I am Laura Connolly, the Founder and Producer of World Wise Beauty, a blog dedicated to cultivating wellness wisdom for life’s beautiful journey. I’m also an Integrated Health Coach (coach Lauroly) and you’ll find more about my new coaching practice and the mini wellness retreats I produce here at WWB. We all wear many hats, hold many titles, and find ourselves in multiple roles, but I believe what matters is how we live in harmony with our own true nature. The wellness journey begins when we are ready to care for ourselves and take the steps to love all the parts of our beautiful bio-individuality.

No matter where you go–there you are! In every culture, we can spot the woman who is authentic, self-assured, and comfortable in her own skin. As the French like to say, we all have a certain “je ne sais quoi”–-a distinctive quality that makes each of us unique and beautiful. Being comfortable in your own skin is about the loving relationship you have with yourself in whatever “packaging” you’re in. In an image-obsessed society focused on perfection, I believe the greatest wisdom we can come to, is to realize there is no greater cosmetic for beauty than being comfortable in our own skin.

I grew up with two sick parents, and achieving a healthy lifestyle was always very important to me. Watching my mother navigate a serious auto-immune condition and my father suffer through mental illness, I came to realize that respecting and caring for our “bio-individual nature” was extremely important to living life well. We all have our own biology, chemistry, genetics, essence, and lifestyle. Health and wellness is not about the latest fad diet or exercise regimen that everyone else is doing. Living life well is about cultivating wellness wisdom for our own unique nature.

Nurturing a healthy mindset, lifestyle, and loving relationship with ourselves is the foundation for happiness, wellness, and longevity. To be comfortable in your own skin is an inner-knowing that no-one can live your life as well as you. We are all on a wellness journey and our self care and needs will change at different junctions on the journey. A worthy and achievable goal is to make it a beautiful and healthy journey as we flourish with vitality throughout the ages. As an Integrative Health Coach, I am ready to serve and guide you on your wellness journey. On the days “when you’re just not feeling it” or “fall off track” I will be there to support your valued goals and illuminate the pathway to wellness with a mix of inspiration +wisdom +tools.

No matter where you are on your journey, I promise you will find meaningful, worthwhile inspiration, wisdom, and tools to help you cultivate wellness wisdom on your beautiful journey. I can promise this because I’m on the journey too and have a passion for seeking and sharing wellness wisdom. My goal for this website is to make it a valuable resource, for women who strive to be comfortable in their own skin and love the beautiful on-going journey of becoming the best version of themselves. We are all one of a kind and like beautiful flowers in a garden, we can bloom, grow, and flourish with every season when we take time to nurture our nature.

Now for the really important question. What makes us wise? I believe it is experiencing life, reflecting on what we have learned, and coming to a humble understanding that perhaps every day we are still learning. “Ancora Imparo!”





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