We are all unique bio individuals (genes, chemistry, metabolism, and lifestyle) and the best thing we can do for ourselves is nurture our own nature. Science has already confirmed through the study of epigenetics that we are not beholden to our genetic lottery, and we can keep many chronic conditions and diseases at bay with healthy lifestyle habits. We can also focus on our overall health as we manage a health condition we might be managing. Aging well and living longer with vitality and energy is a perfectly reasonable desire and goal to have!

The slow decline into disease, frailty, and disability, as we age and go through our changes, is far from inevitable when we learn to nurture our nature. Evidence continues to mount demonstrating that healthy lifestyle changes can modulate hormonal function to improve health and lowering your risk of chronic diseases that appear at perimenopause and menopause. Your hormonal changes affect so many of your bodies ‘systems’ which are important and vital to your quality of life as you age. Pro-actively working with the stages of your changes is your pathway to flourishing through the ages. Here are just a few experiences we can address by focusing on healthy lifestyle habits.

  • Immune System (feeling vulnerable to more colds and viruses)
  • Digestive System (feeling like certain foods no longer digest and aggravate you)
  • Brain & Nervous System (feeling irritated, stressed, foggy, or anxious)
  • Circadian System (feeling wired, not sleeping well, and waking up at night)
  • Sexual & Reproductive System (less interest in sex and or change in functioning)


Yes, changes are a fact of life, but the extent and severity of symptoms as you change is dependent on two things. Your unique bio- individuality and the state of your health and lifestyle. The one thing that has not changed for me, is my desire to feel well and be comfortable in my own skin as I age. Whenever I made this commitment to myself, it was much easier to make diet and lifestyle tweaks in my life, because I knew from the inside out how I wanted to feel. I wanted to feel comfortable in my own skin at whatever age I was at. That core feeling and wellness goal is always front and center. You too can reclaim your energy, vitality, and your health! All those disruptive feelings you might be experiencing are not a given or a life sentence. I’m here to guide and assure you that you can feel better and even great, when you nurture your nature with a healthy lifestyle.

When you commit to my NYN program, we will explore nutritional science, longevity wisdom, and holistic wellness practices, but only when it’s meaningful to your state of health and relevant to your specific goals. I could tell you all about the benefits of eating kale or blueberries, but if you don’t like them, you won’t be nurturing your nature or eating them! Health coaches are partners, not dictators! There are plenty of options when it comes to eating for longevity, hormonal balance, and weight loss, and there are numerous ways to incorporate healthy habits and rituals into your overall wellness lifestyle. Discovering what feels right for you is always the goal, and the beautiful wellness journey for you.


Before you panic or think 6 months is too long for your commitment, I want to share why it’s important to commit to a program for 6 months. Conceptually it’s important to think about coaching like training. Look at a professional dancer, athlete, musician, or any accomplished person you admire, and you will always find there was a time commitment and practice. They all have had either a coach, trainer, teacher, or a mentor to help them reach their success. Designing and developing a healthy longevity lifestyle is no different! There is no time like the present, and there is no present like time. You are investing time with your health coach now, so you can have time to live life well and flourish as you age.

  • Learning and applying what you learn takes time.
  • Growth, development, and integrating your new habits take time.

The foundational success of a health coaching program is the commitment you are making to yourself. The 6-month program contains multiple sessions on a bi-weekly basis, so you have time to put insights and action points into practice and build each time you meet with me. Remember we are working on habits, behaviors, and change. Working with an integrative health coach helps you accomplish your wellness goals through support, guidance, and accountability. Time is your present and your investment.

The ‘Nurture Your Nature’ Longevity program is a 6-month package which includes a comprehensive and unique set of tools, framework, and resources. It is focused on the holistic design of your wellness lifestyle. We’ll be connecting all the healthy lifestyle dots for flourishing through the ages.

*This program is also ideal for women who are managing a chronic health condition and want to accelerate their healing process and plan for a longevity driven lifestyle as they simultaneously work with their physician on symptoms.

The ‘Fine Tune & Sustain’ 3 month program is for individuals who have a wellness lifestyle in place, and want to focus with precision on one area of wellness in need of improvement, attention, and lifestyle integration. We are always changing and growing, and sometimes life gets busy and distracts us from our personal wellness priorities. Wellness & longevity is an active goal and journey!

*This program is also ideal for those who have experienced the 6x program with me and want to ‘fine tune’ a little more and improve one specific area of their wellness lifestyle they may be struggling with.