This Year…Find the Courage to be Truly Yourself




The Christmas holiday has come and gone but I wanted to share a special gift I received from an Auntie of mine and send all of you a New Year’s wish.  My Aunt Cornelia is my Mom’s youngest sister and has always been the most vocal about her Irish heritage.  Her home is filled with Irish trinkets and treasures and this year she decided to give all her nieces and nephews a piece of “herself”.  She wanted to share some of her treasures with us now rather than wait until she has passed on.  I happen to share a special ritual with this Auntie and every year we exchange Christmas ornaments.  This year she gave me an Irish ornament with the word “Herself” engraved on one side and a famous Irish blessing on the other side.  This ornament was such a wonderful gift in so many ways.  It was special because it had been hers and on her Christmas tree for so many years.  And it also has real meaning for me because I sign off on many of my posts with “truly herself”.  I will treasure this ornament and it’s sentiment forever and want to share it with you.  As we all look at another year of self resolve, let’s remember to honor who we are right now and today.  Sure,  we can improve and evolve, but let’s love ourselves for better or worse !

There’s a great line in the recent romance comedy movie called “Silver Lining Playbook”.  My favorite line was about halfway through the film.  I am not particularly sloppy but I love this line because of the honesty and courage it takes to own up to something like this. Jennifer Lawrence’s character is angry with Bradley Cooper’s, and she says “There’s always gonna be a part of me that’s sloppy and dirty, but I like that! Because I like all parts of myself – can you say that?”

Now that’s being comfortable in your own skin! lol Wishing you the courage to love yourself  and be yourself this year and always. Happy New Year! Learn more about the Silver Linings Playbook movie http://www.silverliningsplaybookmovie.com/

Truly Herself,


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