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WWB Ideal Find: Introducing… “INNERSENSE ORGANIC BEAUTY” Safety & Purity, the New Indulgence in Haircare


WWB Ideal Find: Innersense  Organic Beauty (haircare)

Authentic Dedication: Ingredient transparency and consumer education. Innersense Organic Beauty is proud to be a Certified Green Company and Compact Signor of both Safe Cosmetics & Truth in Labeling Acts, Member of the Organic Trade Association and CCIC Certified Committed to social and environmental sustainability.

Founders: Greg and Joanne Starkman (Greg present)

Welcome to the “Ideal Finds” department of World Wise Beauty.  One way to be “comfortable in your own skin” is to align your consuming habits with your personal values.  As a conscious lifestyle consumer you want to know whether the brand your buying authentically reflects the values you care about deeply.  At Ideal Finds I’ll  help you get to know brands and their founders more intimately who are authentic and true to the cultural ideals they are inspired by. Hope you share simpatico with any one of my Ideal Finds but always be your own guru and follow your wise inner GPS…

I am excited to introduce“Innersense Organic Beauty” because this is a brand that “walks the talk” and demonstrates what true transparency is when producing and marketing  organic and “natural” products. Tune in my World Wise Beauties and learn why safety and purity matters when purchasing your beauty and personal care products!

Truly Herself

Lauroly Q- Greg, welcome to World Wise Beauty. Well, if there was ever a “model company” dedicated to the principles of organic beauty it is definitely Innersense Organic Beauty. I chose you as an Ideal Find because of your dedication and willingness to be transparent at every level of consumer engagement. I love the section on your website where you answer the question “Why Organic?” You share a study by the Environmental Working Group which shows that women use an average of nine personal care products each day, exposing themselves to 126 unique chemical ingredients. And 25% of women use 15 or more products daily! You make all your ingredients very clear on your website and take the time to educate consumers about the importance of organic ingredients. Bravo! Let’s start with a mini-education of all your certifications mentioned in the introduction. What is a Certified Green company? And tell us more about the Safe Cosmetics and Truth in Labeling Act.

Greg Starkman: It all starts with a deep passion and an unwavering commitment to who we are and who we want to be. When Joanne and I created the vision for Innersense our primary goal was to be authentic, to build community and be transparent in who we are and what we do. Being a Certified Green Company is a part of that vision. Cities across the US, and California in particular have adopted green standards related to how one conducts and operates their business. Every practice and process must meet strict environmental standards. Innersense is audited bi-annually in order to maintain certification. We are proud to be among one of the early adopters to strict EU cosmetic standards, which is the charter of Safe Cosmetics, the Environmental Working Group and Skin Deep. These organizations act as consumer advocates in driving consumer awareness of the unsafe use of toxic ingredients in cosmetic products.

Most consumers are unaware the cosmetic industry is un-regulated by the FDA or EPA. The organizations noted above hold companies accountable and serve as a consumer resource. Truth in Labeling also serves as a consumer advocate similar to Leaping Bunny or PETA. We are currently working to expand our certifications through the NPA and NOP programs coupled with becoming Fair Trade Certified.

Lauroly Q- It is amazing how many harsh chemicals are in most cosmetic, hair and personal hair products. Your clean and easy to read website walks us through all the “offenders” which are absolutely NOT in your products. It’s refreshing to view all your products individually and learn exactly what ingredients are in each one. Innersense Organic Beauty offers a complete haircare line. What are your best-selling products and where can consumers find them beyond the web? I love the lovely names of your products and I am immediately transported to a wellness retreat when I see them.


Greg & Joanne Starkman

Greg Starkman: We respect our consumer and know they want clear concise information. We strive to provide that. The words Natural and Organic mean little when toxic or synthetic ingredients are present in products. Numerous companies work hard at hiding or word-smithing their ingredient information to confuse consumers. We tell consumers that they need to be their own advocates. Our Hairbaths and Daily Conditioners along with our Sweet Spirit Leave in conditioner are very popular. Our products our sold through Organic Salons and Spa’s, better specialty Natural product stores including Whole Foods.

Lauroly Q- I am going to ask a few tough questions which may be on many people’s minds. I have great confidence you can answer them. If we know how to produce products for women the right and safe way, why don’t all companies get on board? Europe has a standard across the board for their cosmetic and personal care companies. Why don’t we? I will state the obvious, your products are not inexpensive, and I would imagine it takes great care and effort to produce the quality products you do. Are the products you see in a typical health & beauty drugstore so cheap because they throw all these cheap but potentially harmful chemicals into their products? What does the gal on a budget do?

Greg Starkman: Great questions and one that challenges us daily. The answer is multi-faceted and also taboo. One to be Pure and Clean requires an unwavering commitment to the purity of your ingredients and the removal of all synthetic and toxic ingredients. This commitment comes at a high cost. The reason more companies do not get on board is consumers resistant to paying for higher quality products. What consumers fail to understand is that what they are actually buying is products heavy in water content and low in plant-based ingredients. In order for those products to perform they need to thread in synthetics to make them work. As I note there is no oversight or standards in the US. Companies can do what and say they want which creates a great deal of confusion. However consumers and retailers also play a part in the process by supporting the companies that fall short. As a consumer you need to be educated and as the demand for pure clean products grows more companies will respond. Regarding Safe Cosmetic legislation there are two competing bills before congress, one presented through the EWG and Safe and the other through the Cosmetic Alliance which represents cosmetic companies. These cosmetic companies are spending millions on lobbing efforts. Needless to say it’s like Big Tobacco and the NRA.


Lauroly Closing- Greg, you are so rightwe don’t realize how much power corporations have and this is why  as consumers we need to take an active role in making sure there are regulations and standards protecting us. Thanks so much again for taking the time to educate us on what authentic organic beauty commitment really is. I know you and Joanne are a real team and I wish we had more time to talk about your personal story but I will send our readers to your ABOUT page where they can read about your spiritual journey together. I have an “inner sense” your path ahead will be fruitful and rewarding! Happy Spring to you both…

To find Innersense products feel free to visit Innersense Organic Beauty or click my Amazon Beauty shop on the sidebar directly to your right. As mentioned earlier, you can find Innersense Beauty products in fine salons and spas as well as better natural products retail stores such as Whole Foods.



2 thoughts on “WWB Ideal Find: Introducing… “INNERSENSE ORGANIC BEAUTY” Safety & Purity, the New Indulgence in Haircare

  1. Lauroly says:

    So great to hear Lisa! I am a true believer when it comes to my Ideal Finds!

  2. Lisa says:

    I was so happy to read about organic and natural hair care products that leave the Earth and one’s hair beautiful. These products are hard to find. I purchased the Color Awakening shampoo from Innersense’s website. It arrived quickly so I could start enjoying it right away. It left my hair soft and healthy looking. Thanks, Innersense and World Wise Beauty!

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