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WWB Ideal Find: Pangea Organics “BEAUTY UNPOLLUTED”

WWB Ideal Find: Pangea Organics ( Beauty & Personal Care Products)

Founder & CEO: Joshua Onysko

Authentic Dedication: Pangea Organics is dedicated to creating a more, new sustainable future one bottle, jar and bar at a time. “What’s good for you is good for everybody.” Conscious business practice includes everything from fair trade sourcing and organic farming to living wages and the use of renewable, recycled and recyclable resources.


Lauroly Q- Welcome Joshua! I am thrilled and honored you have joined me for this Q&A. When we think of an “ideal find” at World Wise Beauty, your company is the perfect example. The very simple ideology of your business mission “good for you, good for everybody” is a wonderful value to have when creating a company. Some would even say perhaps “too idealistic”.  Let’s start with learning more how you got started thirteen years ago creating Pangea Organics and how you have injected this basic value into every area of your business. I personally believe you can never be too idealistic! 

Joshua Onysko: I am that guy who dropped out of school at the age of 16, worked and traveled my way around the world for 7 years and had a vision to be a part of the solution…I was in Cambodia in 2000 when I decided to use my alchemical skills to create food for people’s skin, to change how the world thinks about packaging design, formulation, health, well-being, the future, the present, ingredients, ourselves and each other. When we know that the end consumer is always the earth and we were gifted the most perfect of all earths, we will choose to make better decisions, every minute of every day to protect what we have and to stop worrying about what we have not.

Lauroly Q: At World Wise Beauty we are dedicated to “being comfortable in our own skin” inside and out. I love that Pangea starts out with this core belief “we are already beautiful”. You don’t promise to make us more beautiful but just to cleanse, tone and moisturize our skin with natural plant-based ingredients. This is such a relaxed approach to marketing beauty and personal care products. Share with us why plant-based ingredients are so important for women to look for when purchasing beauty and personal care products. 


Joshua Onysko: Not just women, all of us. The average person in America puts 500 chemicals a day on our bodies–yes 500!  The beauty industry is an unregulated toxic catastrophe based on fear and steeped in mistruths. It doesn’t need to be this way, the world has so many powerful plants that can give our bodies all that we need, we just have to know which ones they are, how to extract them and how to combine them. Fortunately that is what I have dedicated 14 years of my life to studying and we have perfected the art of this craft and have created a brand that will outperform anything you have ever used. It smells nice and looks pretty and its like your new friend, smart, pretty and smells nice. What more could you ask for?




LaurolyQ- Coming back to the “everybody” feeling good. Pangea is a true LOHAS marketer and appeals to so many conscious lifestyle consumers on a number of levels. LOHAS consumers are diverse in their values and care about many different issues when it comes to their buying practices. For example I care about animals and will not buy beauty products tested on animals. But now I also consider whether a product might also do me harm! What makes Pangea an exceptional “Ideal Find” to me is you are always thinking about how the manufacturing of your products impact the earth, future generations and our bodies. How do you maintain these business virtues as your company continues to grow worldwide? 

Joshua Onysko: Because my values were not created by a marketing team, they are in fact actually who I am and what I care about, so that makes it easy. Truth + Love + Transparency

Lauroly Q-  Great answer Joshua.  At WWB we call you a “passioneer”! Two years ago you developed a new selling platform for Pangea.  I just discovered this from a friend who has a company called “Better World Beauty” and it turns out she sells Pangea products exclusively. How can people discover your products both in the retail world and on-line?


Joshua Onysko: We are in the process of changing our model to a social selling model where you can become a Beauty Ecologist for Pangea and have your very own at home business selling Pangea, we launched in April and we already have 900 Beauty Ecologists in 48 states and it is the largest division on Pangea. It is proof that we all have the ability to change the world and to create change, we just have to make that choice. Visit us at for more info on purchasing on our products.

Lauroly Closing: Thanks so much for stopping by Joshua. I feel “good” knowing you are out there creating new products and experiences that help “everybody” to positively impact the future.  Power to the idealist of the world and power to Pangea!

Joshua Onysko My pleasure!

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