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The Way of the Passioneer–Because Life is Too Short for the Wimpy Stuff!

What is a Passioneer anyway? I know you’re asking this very question as you read the title of this blog. Simply put, a passioneer is someone who engages in activities that tap into their inner fire and emotions. You know you are ‘tapped in’ when you answer the following questions below. You can also explore more on this in “The Passion Plan” A Step by Step Guide to Discovering, Developing and Living Your Passion’ by Richard Chang.

Do you lose track of time doing a particular activity?

Do you get excited just thinking about it?

Do you feel energized by it?

Do you dream about it?

Do you lose self-consciousness doing it?


Are you a Passioneer?  No we are not talking about passionate sex but I can see how you might go there after answering those questions! ‘Passion’ is this exciting feeling  we all hope to have along with sexual intimacy. It’s quite alluring when we completely lose ourselves in the ‘passionate moment’ because we are 100%  present and at the same time we give ourselves over to another person by completely letting go emotionally and physically.  I digress, but the association is not lost on me either! Now back to the ‘Way of the Passioneer’ outside of the bedroom because we can ‘feel’ passion in so many other areas of our lives! 


Now that we know what a Passioneer is, what exactly is the “Way of the Passioneer’? Most recently I conjure Diana Nyad, the world record winning long distance swimmer who at the age of 64 was the first person to swim from Cuba to Florida (110 miles) without the aid of a shark-tank. You’re probably thinking “wow she’s crazy and I don’t need to be a passioneer”! But remember she was a ‘trained’ athlete also attempted the passage 2x before her victory in 2013.



Since breaking her record Diana has shared many things about how her life experiences have shaped and conditioned her but the two big Passioneer ideas she has put out there for us is “Find A Way” and “Never, Ever, Give up”.  It made me think that most accomplished athletes are Passioneers.  So what are the most important attributes of a Passioneer? I would have to say a mental toughness and hardiness. You don’t need to swim the English Channel or climb Mt. Kilimanjaro to be a Passioneer but you will need to be mentally tough, resilient, and hardy to pursue your dreams or attempt anything that’s really important to you like your passion!



Hopefully I will do a Q&A with Diana one day soon at World Wise Beauty but in the meantime know that mental toughness and hardiness is developed not found. Most individuals who are mentally, physically and emotionally hardy, seldom feel victimized by circumstances and tend to learn more from their challenges. Here is a great abbreviated list of strategies from an excellent book “The New Toughness Training for Sports-Mental,Emotional, Physical Conditioning from the World’s Premier Sports Psychologists by James E. Loehr.  I hope you find them useful and begin to hone and develop the important skills of a Passioneer!


1- Change your thinking to change the way you feel and think in ways you know will bring out positive emotions. Resist the temptation to think negatively even if you feel that way.

2-Think about mistakes differently–after making a mistake, ask yourself what could I or should I have done differently and what can I learn from this that will help me in the future.

3-Visualize in vivid emotional terms the following thoughts: I will put myself on the line everyday; I will not surrender; I will not turn against myself during tough times.

4- Use adversity to get stronger–Every crisis is an opportunity to grow, and to extend beyond your normal limits. A major component of emotional toughness is learning the right attitudes during tough times.

5- Learn to keep a here and now focus– During competition or any pressurized situation, thinking about the past or the future can let anger and frustration beat you; practice maintaining a moment by moment focus.

Have a great weekend ahead and stay tuned to the Passioneer department at WWB where I will feature exciting Passioneers and expert guest bloggers who are highly engaged in helping you find your passion and purpose in life. What makes you a Passioneer? Inspire us and share your passion(s) in life here! 

Truly Herself,



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