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WWB Celebrates ‘The New Passioneers’ of the 21st Century–Economy is the Art of Making the Most of Life…


Welcome to World Wise Beauty’s Passioneer department! I love the quote streaming out of the typewriter because it speaks to my spirit and my mission at World Wise Beauty. Each week I will share quotes that speak to the soul of ‘Passioneers’ today. Pursuing your passion isn’t just about starting a business or becoming an entrepreneur, it is really about engaging in an activity that taps into a state of flow, bliss and sense of purpose. We feel the most energized when we are doing what we love. Not all of us are going to start a business, but we still can take our passions and talent and make a living doing what we love. It is possible, even if some people close to you say ‘you have to be practical’. Well, there are practical ways to pursue your passions, and we will explore them here…

I just recently saw a movie called ‘Little Bit of Chaos’ and it was so inspiring! It was absolutely one of the most beautiful films I have seen in a long time. Romance, Botanical Beauty, France and Wisdom. It was like I died and went to heaven! Okay, enough of my drooling, and back to the inspiring part and how it makes me think about today’s ‘Passioneers’.


‘Passion is in our Nature’

A LITTLE CHAOS follows Sabine, a strong-willed landscape designer who challenges sexual and class barriers when she is chosen to build one of the main gardens at King Louis XIV’s new palace at Versailles, causing her to become professionally and romantically entangled with the court’s renowned landscape architect André Le Notre (Schoenaerts). Yes it’s about a romance, but it was really about so much more than that.  The main character is a woman, and a women of that time would have been considered mere ‘decorative objects’. But ‘Sabine’ was an architect/landscape designer who runs up against the assumption that a woman isn’t up to the task. What else is new right? In this story she proves them wrong! Won’t tell you anymore, because I want you to go see it!

In my eyes, Sabine was a Passioneer. She loved what she did and had her own creative vision of what could be. To use an overused cliché, she was ‘thinking outside of the box’. Today we elevate “Steve Jobs’ (the creator of Apple) to a superpower status, because essentially he was a ‘Passioneer’. He had a vision, and while he intuitively knew it would please us, he wasn’t creating solely for that reason. In some ways he didn’t care what we thought. He had a vision and a passion for design, aesthetics and technology. This ‘passion’ drove his work. Sabine was driven the same way, and you pick this up in nuances throughout the movie. She was naturally wise and brave because she ‘shared her truth’ when asked.

Today we use business expressions like ‘disrupters’ and sometimes I am not entirely sure if all of the so-called ‘disrupters’ are truly passioneers, but I’ll leave that for others to argue. Passioneers don’t aim to disrupt, they just have a vision and are compelled to bring it to life with passion. I believe we all are passioneers in some sense. The challenge for you is to ‘know what it is’! Not always an easy task when we are told early on to become a doctor, lawyer and corporate chief!

The reality of today is we live in a world of shifting marketplaces, economic upheavals, and a technology driven world where change is happening faster than we ever thought possible. Ironically, the title of the movie “Little Bit of Chaos’ does describe the world we are living in, as we are experiencing change at the speed of light! And because of this, what you need to be is incredibly adaptive to survive in today’s world economy. This sadly sometimes translates for many to having three and four jobs just to get by. But it is also just a reality of today’s marketplace where we are all ‘free agents’ and don’t necessarily have the security of working and retiring with one company like our parents did.

So, whether you are just entering the workplace, or are out on a limb forced to reinvent at 50, I hope you can embrace with me the ‘Passioneer’ philosophy. We are not all doomed to work at Starbucks forever! ( not a bad gig, but often part-time work for most) There are rewarding and exciting new job opportunities in the new economy, that exist both in the small business world and with emerging international entrepreneurial driven companies. To give this idea more potency, it is predicted that more than 50% of our workers will be engaged in some form of entrepreneurial work by the end of this decade. Why not be a ‘Passioneer’? Remember they can’t bottle your ‘passion’ because it is unique to you! 😉


Follow World Wise Beauty and my Passioneer department, and be inspired by women ( and men)  who are following their passion and mastering the ‘art of making a living’.  Just in the last two years I have profiled the most inspiring people (and not all women) who didn’t want to sell their ‘soul’ to their jobs. Instead they followed their passions and used their natural talents to create a ‘living’, while also making a unique contribution to the world at large. Below are just a few posts I have shared to inspire you, but you will also find practical posts that offer ‘real world tips’ on following your passion.

‘How to Get There From Here’ A conversation with Financial Advisor Galia Gichon

Two College Kids Who Wanted to ‘Clean Up’ the World Q&A with SoapBox

Beauty Editor Finds her calling and follows her passion for inside beauty and becomes Holistic Health & Beauty Coach and Author Q&A with Author of Eat Pretty

Multi-Talented Artist and Singer creates a CD/Book Set created for Women With Hardship  Q&A with founder of ‘I AM WOMAN’

Hairstylist couple pursue healthy lifestyles and become inspired to create hair-care line made with safe ingredients. Profile of Founders of Innersense Organic Beauty

Young Man gains weight, loses a ton of weight, becomes a Certified Health & Fitness Instructor, writes best-selling book and creates a wise weight loss program for all  Q&A with Author of 5 Skinny Habits

These are just a few examples of the “Passioneers’ I have been featuring. Yes, many are in the beauty, health and wellness sector, which is really no surprise. Wellness inspires “Passion’ because we have to feel well to live well! There is more to come here at World Wise Beauty and you can count on me to present practical and inspiring posts for all you budding Passioneers!

I hope the takeaway for you is, there are all kinds of ways to make a living, so it may as well be doing something you excel at, and have a passion for! Don’t forget the art of making the most of life may involve ‘a little bit of chaos’ but it will be so worthwhile…










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