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WWB’s Monday Morning Pow-Wow Reminds Us What Being a Passioneer Is…


Good Morning World Wise Beauty,

How is that dream of yours going? At WWB’s Passioneer department you’ll find, experts, gurus, and creative visionaries who will make you feel good about the world, and get you thinking about what YOU are passionate about. In the meantime, Monday mornings aren’t the time to click-through to all kinds of articles you don’t have time to read. So, I thought a little Monday Morning Pow-Wow would be just the right cup of ‘motivational & inspirational fuel’ you need to jump-start the week!

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9/21/15 Passioneer’s Pow-Wow Wisdom: Passion isn’t a part time effort!

For Inspiration: Check out our most recent Passioneer’ , author and guru Jolene Hart who has conceptualized a very healthy approach to beauty and shares all her secrets in her book ‘Eat Pretty’. She left the glamorous world of writing for beauty magazines and created a world of holistic beauty so we can all be comfortable in our own skin. You know you’re curious! ;-)




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