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Are You a Seductive Fox, or a Powerful Peacock? Find your Global Beauty Type…

Well I’m a seductive fox of course! Just kidding—I’m actually another animal all together. We’ll get to that later!

I thought it was enough to know my astrology sign, and then I took a Myers Briggs test in college, and discovered I have a scientific personality indicator type defining me. Scientific what  you ask?  It’s true! There is a test which determines your essential being based on four temperaments styles originally developed by the psychologist Carl Jung.  I’ll spare you of my profile details and share my one tickle with you. The first thing it says about my “type” is the following: This type is a global learner and sees the big picture, their focus is expansive. I get a kick out of this because here I am producing World Wise Beauty. The world is pretty expansive wouldn’t you say! 😉


This brings me to a  Global Beauty Report I want to share with you…

We all apparently have a beauty type too. Psycho-graphics ( the study of personality, values, attitude and lifestyles) is really important to marketers and they spend 24/7 and loads of buckaroos trying to figure you out! How is that for undivided attention! But when we live in a social media driven world it is hard to know what is actually shaping you? Are you a Powerful Peacock (see below) or has your particular culture influenced your beauty style? We Americans take great pride in individualism yet we are also part of a big diverse culture.  Do you think advertising has a big impact on how we define ourselves? I would love to hear from you.

It very well could be market researchers know more about you then you know about you! The McCann agency recently put out a marketing study for the beauty category so companies like L’Oreal can find their way into your mind, heart and errr I’ll say it –your pockets.  This report called “Truth About Beauty” is a global study. While the report did identify differing attitudes about beauty around the world, they concluded all women are essentially focused on the “whole beauty” mindset comprised of four components. 1. Foundational Beauty 2. Enhancement Beauty 3. Wellness Beauty 4. Emotional Beauty

You can peruse the entire study via http://issuu.com/mccanntruthcentral/docs/mccann_truth_about_beauty
but I thought I would share the Five Global Beauty Archetypes with you right here.  

As much as I would like to see myself as a Powerful Peacock or a Seductive Fox,  I would have to say I’m more of a Graceful Swan aspiring to be a Comfortable Cat!  How about you? Which beauty archetype fits you? Perhaps you are more than one type? For example, perhaps your natural tendency is to be a social butterfly but you base your buying decisions more on social values. This is the challenge and limitation of profiling– we humans are complex and so many things influence and shape who we are.  Maybe we are evolving all the time. If it so happens that you are a seductive fox with a soul of a social butterfly– power to you!
 Let your freak flag fly! 🙂

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