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One of my favorite wellness experts is Dr. Maoshing Ni, known to many as Dr. Mao.  One Christmas  I gave my Mom, extended family and a couple of friends a copy of his book ” Secrets of Longevity”.  On the back cover of the book it says “No Diets, No Drugs, No Fuss!”  and I just knew I had to share this book with loved ones.  It’s one of those books you can pick up anytime and peruse. I keep it in the bathroom!  As someone very distinguished once said…”a room without books is a room without soul”.

What I love about Dr. Mao’s approach is his blending of ancient wellness practices from the east with modern medicine advances from the west.  You know he had me at hello when I discovered a “words of wisdom” tab on his site  Below is a quick tip on how to boost energy from Dr. Mao and one I really do believe boosts your energy when you practice it. Visit his full list of tips here 4 Fun Ways to Boost Energy | Yahoo! Health.

Trulyherself, Lauroly

[learn_more caption=”GLOW TIP”] Follow Your Bliss Energy-Boosting Habit: Take a 15-minute daily bliss break.Part of what has always made summer so fun, especially when we were children, is waking up with the feeling that the whole day is wide open to be enjoyed in any way at your leisure. The foremost cause of low energy is the stress of living in our fast-paced modern world. Coping with stress on a daily basis requires a lot of energy, which leave the average person completely drained. Guard your energy level from stress with a daily bliss break! Research tells us that joy boosts immune functions, and also increases the release of endorphins, the compounds that give you a sense of well-being in your brain and energize your spirit. While taking a whole day off from duties is not usually possible, give yourself just fifteen minutes or a half hour during the day to do something fun. Surprise yourself! Take a picnic lunch at break, walk somewhere new to you, sing your favorite song, watch a funny video, play with a furry friend, doodle a picture, or read a poem—whatever grabs you in the moment![/learn_more]

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