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OMG! She’s Bare Faced! Arrest the Beauty Bullies…

Brooke Shields, Without Makeup


Let’s cheer for the World Wise Beauties out in the public eye who won’t be defined by their “mask”.  Just this week Huffington Post reported this headline and I am not kidding!

Brooke Shields Without Makeup: The Actress Steps Out Bare-Faced

Why as a society are we so surprised and gleeful to see a celebrity or performer without makeup is a mystery to me.  I am being kind here because many women in general are just down right mean to our fellow sistas.  We are often the harshest critics of each other.  Below is an excerpt from the Huffington Post piece which to me “reeks” of catty talk.  I know Brooke is “comfortable in her own skin” at this point in her life, but just think about how young girls tear each other down in hurtful, sometimes devastating ways.  Let’s celebrate our WWB icons ( I nominate Brooke)  and encourage all women to be “real”.  Makeup or no makeup we are okay!  Trulyherself, Lauroly

Ok, so maybe celebrities are human too. The latest one to go au naturale for all to see? Brooke Shields. The 47-year-old stepped out in New York on Sunday after starring in a matinee performance of “The Exonerated.” Guess she didn’t want all of that stage makeup to clog her pores…Fortunately for the former face of Calvin Klein, she doesn’t seem to need any makeup to look stunning (and we’re honestly thrilled to see her gorgeous complexion again after that spray tan disaster last month). Plus, we suspect she might have been looking to stay under the radar after an alleged photo of her smoking marijuana surfaced last week. So, by comparison, a photo sans makeup is really no biggie, right? Check out the photo of Brooke Shields without makeup and tell us what you think. Doesn’t she still look amazing? http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/10/08/brooke-shields-without-makeup-stars-celebrities-photos-pictures_n_1948238.html?ncid=wsc-huffpost-cards-headline


Here is another bully story I found just this month in Allure Magazine… 

This one about Ashley Judd, who fought back against the beauty bullies.  She wasn’t afraid to call the talk about her nasty, gendered and misognistic! Check out her article here  http://www.allure.com/beauty-trends/blogs/daily-beauty-reporter/2012/04/ashley-judd-fights-back-against-beauty-bullies.html and power to the editor who at least reflected on how beauty objectification can be harmful to not only celebrities but to young girls as well.

I would be lying if I didn’t feel or say something like this at some point in my life.  We can critique appearances just the way we would a piece of art or music.  I am also part of the American culture and our culture is obsessed with youth, beauty and appearances.  And oh yeah…celebrity.  What can we do differently to teach girls and young women to be kinder to each other? Maybe it starts with teaching plain old empathy? How would you feel to be publicly criticized or judged like this? Share your thoughts with me…

Come on gals, let’s have a heart!
Trulyherself, Lauroly 




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