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WWB IDEAL FIND: “JUARA” –Secret Bali Rituals for “just chillin” in the Moment…

Welcome to “Ideal Finds” at World Wise Beauty. It’s hard to identify authenticity in a world of “image” and “spin”. Authenticity means your actions are consistent with what you believe and what you say. At “Ideal Finds” I  help you get to know companies who are authentic and true to the ideals they are inspired by.  Join me in discovering a a cornucopia of beauty, health & wellness products and experiences but remember to always be your own guru when it comes to selecting.  There is nothing better than being comfortable in your own skin!




Ideal Find: JUARA

Founders: Yoshiko Roth, Metta Murdaya, Jill Sung, Tami Chuang/Metta is here for Q&A

Authentic Dedication:  Juara is inspired by beauty secrets from Bali, combining rituals of Indonesian royalty and modern science. Certified cruelty free by PETA and also safe by



Lauroly Q – Welcome Metta.  Since I am writing a blog about “ideals” for wellness culture I have to say JUARA is high on my personal “feel good” list because you do not animal test. Your products protect me from exposure to unnecessary toxic chemicals and you protect innocent animals from unnecessary cruelty. JUARA has been selected as a World Wise Beauty  “Ideal Find” because you also have a genuine and authentic brand story.  Inspired by ancient Indonesian cultural ideals and values while also adhering to modern conscious lifestyle values you have created a unique skin care line committed to balancing the very best of different worlds and cultures.  Let’s start by asking how you were introduced to Indonesian beauty secrets? Metta you are from Indonesia correct? 

Metta Murdaya: Yes, I’m from Jakarta, Indonesia. In Indonesia, we have an herbal medicinal tradition called Jamu, which is like our version of medicine – but made up of a concoction of natural and locally found herbs, roots, fruits, plants and flowers which are mixed into herbal tonics, skincare treatments, and even poultices for healing treatments. This ancient tradition started hundreds of years ago when healers in the villages would concoct these health potions to treat sickness, skin conditions, and maintain overall health. These secret recipes were tightly guarded within the healer families, passed down from generation to generation – and several hundred years ago, ancient royalty of Indonesia asked healers not only to make tonics for health, but also for beauty. Hence born was the Indonesian spa tradition – the ingredients known for their effective functions also became a part of a pampering, soothing beauty ritual. Only in the 1900’s did western science learn of these recipes, and since then, many of the ingredients we have used for hundreds of years have been shown to have benefits western science can prove.

Lauroly Q – It’s amazing how “Mother Nature” naturally provides for us and sometimes in abundance for some regions of the world!  Tell us about the tropical forests of Indonesia and the healing botanicals found there.  What active botanical ingredients in tropical Bali are so magical when it comes to skin health?

Metta Murdaya: One of the ingredients we love is Turmeric because of its powerful antioxidant properties (both when ingested and topically applied) as well as its skin brightening qualities. It is a key ingredient in one of our health maintaining tonics (Kunir Asem) and has been and is used in the princess’ pre-wedding body scrub (Lulur Treatment) to make her skin glow. When we first came out with our Turmeric Antioxidant Radiance Mask as far back as 2008 which boosts your natural glow and fights free radicals, people weren’t sure what this ingredient does, but now, I see it all over health food stores in supplement form, and it’s popping up more and more in mainstream media as a big health booster. Tamarind also has a lot of beneficial properties. Eaten, it helps with the digestion process, the leaves can be used as a poultice for skin wounds, and for the skin it’s also very moisturizing – we use the Tamarind Seed in our toner. Candlenut is also widely consumed in Indonesia. It has velvety dry oil that absorbs into the skin without a greasy after feel, and is both eaten and used as a scrub, or in hair treatments to make it shine. The oil can also be used to massage babies’ heads to prevent dry skin. These are just a few signature ingredients. We combine these active botanicals with other ingredients that help keep product performance consistent and ensures proper absorption into the skin while maintaining an elegant feel.  JUARA is paraben-free, 100% vegetarian, free of sulfates, phthalates, mineral oil, and artificial colorants. We recommend one uses our products within 6-9 months of opening.

Lauroly Q- One of the attractions to places like Bali for westerners is the slow pace and relaxing rhythm you immediately feel there. Luxurious spa and beauty rituals are commonly practiced and often take hours to experience.  How do you think all of us not in Bali can incorporate soothing and relaxing rituals into our daily lives?

Metta Murdaya & Yoshiko Roth

Metta Murdaya: It is the little rituals to help you re-center yourself that matters, and they don’t take that much time. That’s exactly the reason I wanted to create JUARA. As much as people ask me to open spas, I ask them, “When was the last time you went to a spa? And how often do you wish you were at a spa?” Usually most people are in the “wish” camp since we have so little time! So with JUARA, we wanted to bring the spa to you in a beautiful, relaxing, fragrant way that is also effective, and incredibly easy and convenient to use. As much as I hear “My skin is so much better with JUARA,” I also hear, “Using your products just makes me smile and be happy.” It’s the whole package we try to deliver; real beauty comes from both inside and out – so as much as our products work, they also try to make you feel happy, peaceful, and good on the inside in just a few moments, by enhancing your self-care regimen. Appreciating the experience of using the products, for myself, I know, really does “take me away,” and sometimes, a few seconds is all you really need to reset and calm yourself.

When I go to Bali, one of the nice things I appreciate is that people actually talk to you and listen. People pay attention to details, whether ornaments, rituals, or artistry, and just taking that deep breath to be in the moment will help with evoking that Bali “chill/relaxed” feel, even for a bit.

Lauroly Closing:  Thank you Metta for sharing your passion for Ancient Indonesian spa tradition with us. Your authenticity shines through! Kudos to your entire JUARA team! I appreciate you helping us to learn more about the restorative and healing properties the botanical ingredients in your products can offer.  You remind us how the fusion and blending of cultures can create amazing experiences and wonderful humans too!

It’s been a pleasure to hear about JUARA’s  inspiring brand story.  If you are interested in purchasing JUARA’s Skincare products feel free to visit JUARA directly or just click on Amazon Beauty in the sidebar to your right. 



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