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World Wise Beauty Time Travels in Search of ‘The Beauty Ideal’ and Discovers Culture Around the World is Pretty Fickle!


‘Marilyn Monroe’ 1950’s Beauty Ideal



I would love to bring more “experts” and scientists  into the conversation to stir the pot but this is a blog and I have your attention for a minute they say! So tell me what you think? I’m no scientist and have no data to support my theory but I’ve observed that “beauty ideals” differ from culture to culture and “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.  Just think  how we went from Marilyn Monroe to a Twiggy “beauty ideal” in just one decade!


‘Twiggy’ 1960’s Beauty Ideal













‘Sophia Loren’ 1950’s Beauty Ideal




Beauty ideals certainly change which makes me think it is “wise” to develop what it is on the inside and be “comfortable in your own skin”. Just hop on over to Italy in the 1950’s and another beauty ideal altogether is worshiped and eventually considered a classic beauty by the world!








“Iman” and 1980’s Beauty Ideal



Flash forward a couple of decades later and look who captured the world’s fancy as an ” ideal beauty”. As time marches on and cultures mingle the ideal beauty concept has become less about symmetrical perfection and more “worldly” and eclectic.

Miss Piggy–Timeless Beauty Ideal






The ideal beauty list goes on my friends but my un-scientific conclusion is the world turns and beauty culture is fickle! The wise takeaway? Be comfortable in your own skin, and find the beholders who appreciate your unique beauty inside and out!

Truly Herself, Lauroly

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