“No Passport Required” Beauty Wisdom from Around the World…Welcome to Bali


Welcome to World Wise Beauty’s  “No Passport Required” beauty wisdom from around the world series! As our image states “beauty is everywhere” and wisdom about creating and nurturing beauty from the inside out is in abundance from global cultures around the world.  At World Wise Beauty our mantra is to be “comfortable in your own skin” and “celebrate ideals for wellness culture”.  I hope you enjoy this series and adopt rituals and practices from around the world that compliment your wellness lifestyle and speak to your personal idea of world wise beauty…

Truly Herself, Lauroly





LOCALE: Bali Islands, Indonesia — Massage is considered one of life’s important staples.  



BEAUTY WISDOM: Harnessing their botanical heritage the Balinese believe in nature’s beauty from the inside out. Herbal Elixirs are blended through jamu recipes and passed down through generations. Jamu, is a holistic herbal healing system with recipes that date back to Java more than 1,200 years ago (some liken it to Ayurveda). Used to treat everything from insomnia (nutmeg mace) to coughs (onion, honey, local lime) to weight gain (turmeric, tamarind), Jamu is often brewed at home using raw ingredients, or bought ready-made from healers or even street peddlers.

EXAMPLE of Natural Beauty From Bali: Known as Mandi Susu, it has soaked Javanese princesses for centuries as an elixir of eternal youth. Milk, from a goat, sheep or cow, makes skin soft and pure to the touch. Modern formulations of this ritual have eliminated the taste and smell of milk while maintaining its nutrients with softening proteins. The Mandi Susu is a sought-after bathing ritual where therapists leave you soaking in a cloudy white tub for 20 minutes and advise you not to rinse afterwards. At home, you can try pouring  fresh or powdered milk in with your bath water.  For baby-soft skin, try natural yogurt or buttermilk but prepared for a stink! You also can try our featured product below and channel Bali in a bottle…





FEATURED WWB Product: JUARA Skincare –Inspired by beauty secrets from Bali and anti-aging secrets from ancient royalty…

INGREDIENTS:  Candlenut, Rice, Sweet Black Tea, Turmeric, Coffee and Nuts, Avocado, Plants & Flowers, Clay, Spices, Fruit



ADDRESSES: Aging, Sun Damage, Breakouts, Sensitive skin, Preventative Anti-Oxidant, Redness , and Dehydration





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