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WWB Holiday “Ideal Find”: Techie and Spiritual? Give the Gift of “Just Because” with the “Buddha Board”

WWB Ideal Find:  Buddha Board

Founder & CEO: Eric Thrall

Authentic Dedication: Buddha Board is dedicated to the Zen concept of living-in-the-moment, we believe in the importance of doodling, creating, and having fun. Enjoy! You simply paint on the surface with water and your creation will come to life in bold design. Then as the water slowly evaporates, your art will magically disappear leaving you with a clean slate and a clear mind, ready to create a whole new masterpiece. Buddha Board is environmentally friendly as it only uses water – no ink, no paint, no chemicals – and it will last for years with proper care.  




Lauroly Q- Welcome Eric. I am so happy to share your products with World Wise Beauty readers. To me it is the perfect gift for those who embrace wellness culture and healthy living. Plus it is also environmentally friendly. Tell us more how you came up with the concept of the Buddha Board. It does remind me of the Etch a Sketch I had as a kid. How is it different?


Eric Thrall, Founder and CEO of Buddha Board

Eric Thrall: I have my wonderful mother to thank for the creation of Buddha Board, she introduced me to the technology of it all. It was after that where I had my ah-ha moment and began the creation of the actual Buddha Board product/design. It’s funny that you mention etch-a-sketch because when people ask me what a Buddha Board is, I often reply by saying that it’s kind of like etch-a-sketch for adults. They are both similar in that they tap into ones creative side, and while I don’t know if the creator of etch-a-sketch also intended it to be a way to ‘live in the moment’ as Buddha Board was intended, they certainly both share elements of “letting go”.

 Lauroly Q- Thank goodness for wonderful Moms! What is the Zen concept? Explain how you liken the Buddha Board experience with the practice of Zen. Here is a little overview of ZEN for those unfamiliar with the practice.


Buddha Board

Eric Thrall: I don’t know if there is a ‘technical’ definition for the zen concept of living in the moment, I just understand it on a very simple and intuitive level. By painting on the Buddha board surface with water, there is an immediate organic feel to the experience that one doesn’t often find in the digital world. As your creation comes to life you will hopefully appreciate it in that moment as it is a constantly changing experience; that is one of the design intentions of Buddha Board. Then as the water evaporates and your artwork slowly disappears, it also gently teaches one to ‘let go’. There’s also a certain ‘meditative’ feeling that you sometimes get when playing with a Buddha Board.

Lauroly Q: It is hard in our western society to do something “just because”. Being “productive” is so hard-wired into our cultural mindset. Buddha Board sounds like great therapy for all of us! Has your product made it into school environments? How do children respond to the Buddha Board?  


Original Buddha Board


Eric Thrall: Yes, Buddha Board is used in school environments. I think the appeal is partly economic in that schools save on paper and supplies like paint and ink, as well as it being an environmentally friendly product in that you don’t use paper or chemicals to create with (yet I am a big fan of painting so I don’t mean to suggest that it is a negative to use water colors etc). Children respond to Buddha Board in such a positive way, and even though I initially designed it for an older audience, I love the fact that kids enjoys playing on it. Of course children don’t need to worry about living in the moment as they are all about that, yet i think the ‘letting go’ aspect of it is an interesting and positive dynamic that often occurs. Mostly though I think kids just love to create on the Buddha Board and use their amazing imaginations with it.


Lauroly Closing: Thank you Eric for joining me here at World Wise Beauty.  Buddha Board is definitely a true “Ideal Find” and perfect for the holidays. I hope you continue to create amazing products that will encourage creativity and relaxation! Living in our fast paced and stressful world we could all use a little more “just because” zen in our lives. Click here to learn more about the complete line of Buddha Board products. You can also find Buddha Board at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

My personal fav is the affordable Mini Buddha Board–perfect for holiday travel while waiting for planes, trains and automobiles! lol

Truly Herself,






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