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World Wise Beauty Launches the WWB ‘Take Out’ a Monthly Glean of Wellness Wisdom to Go…

WWB ‘Take Out’ Monthly E-Glean


Sometimes I share WWB blog content on our Facebook page hoping you will catch wise “bites” there, but that’s always a shot in the dark, because it all depends on where WWB is on your news feed. I had to think of someway to share all this great wisdom sitting on my blog and then suddenly I became inspired by a post I was doing on Chinese Take Out food in America and the ‘Take Out’ theme was born. Sometimes ideas are that simple and there is no rocket science involved!

I spend a lot of time at World Wise Beauty interviewing the best culturally relevant experts, inspirational authors and visionaries to help you become comfortable in your own skin and cultivate your own personal wellness lifestyle wisely. I wish you had time to read every single post at World Wise Beauty because I know you would come away feeling enlightened, inspired and informed.

But at World Wise Beauty we are all about choices and options. Can’t read every post? No worries! The WWB ‘Take Out’ Monthly is curated especially just for you. Some may call it a cheat sheet but I like to think of it ‘Wellness Wisdom to Go’.  It’s a monthly glean where you will find wise ‘takeaways’ from our featured experts and authors on the blog plus other treats I find out there in the world of wellness culture!


Be sure to use the Subscribe Button to sign up for your monthly WWB ‘Take Out’ and enjoy the A’ La Carte presentation of beauty, health and wellness content. I welcome you to share it, bookmark it, print it and okay at least peruse it. Rest assured if you can’t get to it all, the World Wise Beauty Blog will be here waiting for you with in-depth interviews and updates in wellness culture to read at your leisure.  Be wise and stay well…

Truly Herself,

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