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Ideal Find: ‘I AM A WOMAN’ –Not Just Another Pretty Face, Country Star Celebrates the Multifaceted Woman with Healing Music, Tributes, & Photography




Ideal Find: ‘I AM A WOMAN’ Book and CD Duo



Founder: Mary Sue Englund. ( co-writer of song Thom Shepherd)



Authentic Dedication: To celebrate courageous woman from all walks of life with healing music, words and photography.




Lauroly Opening- Welcome to World Wise Beauty Mary Sue! You are the first musician I have interviewed at WWB but I must say it is hard to put any label on you because you are really such a multi-faceted creative artist. The ‘I am A Woman’ project is a book and cd combo and what a beautiful artistic endeavor it is. You basically wrote and recorded a song and then brought the song’s lyrics to life with beautiful photographs of inspirational women in a book. For example one line from your song is ‘and I am a diary full of dreams’ and there is a lovely photograph of Anne Frank with a small dedication about her legacy. The selection of women is very eclectic. From Eleanor Roosevelt to Dolly Parton, you present the many faces of strong women. I love the creative selection and how perfectly each woman fits your song lyrics. While each selection is amazing I personally love the photograph of you and your Mom which accompanies the lyrics ‘but most times I am still that little girl’. Just so sweet…

You have been a harmony vocalist, pianist and violinist for Pam Tillis the celebrated country legend for 10 years and in your spare time have produced 5 self-penned albums of your own. We are already very impressed! But let’s begin with your wonderful ‘I am A Woman’ project. Can you share with us how you were inspired to bring it to life? Did it all start with writing the song? 

Mary Sue Englund: Lauroly, thank you for your kind words, and for taking an interest in I AM A WOMAN. It did start as song, and the title came from my co-writer, Thom Shepherd, who is pretty fantastic. He wrote country #1s, such as ‘REDNECK YACHT CLUB’ and ‘RIDING WITH PRIVATE MALONE.’ He wanted to write a song to celebrate women. So, we started compiling a list of qualities of the women in our lives who we love: our moms, sisters, and dear friends. During the time that we were writing the song, my mother in law was diagnosed with breast cancer. Hence, we wrote the line about the pink ribbon. It was an honor to write this song. After performing it a few times in concert, I realized what a profound affect it was having for our audiences. I wanted to make this song tangible, so I started the journey of creating the book. My mother is a book publisher, and I design all of her books (my other job!), so putting it together seemed like an obvious journey. Finding the women for the book was a privilege and a pleasure.


New CD, Mary Sue Englund

Lauroly Q- After the success of the ‘I Am A Woman’ book/cd project you were inspired to write a complete album of healing songs and will take this album on the road as a ‘healing concert series’. I can imagine how rewarding it must be to bring your beautiful music to cancer patients and caregivers. What I love about your new album “The Beat Goes On’ is the lyrics aren’t schmaltzy and nor are they dark. The sentiment of the album speaks to resilience and hope. All women can relate to managing the trials of life and tapping into the inner strength it takes to survive the hills and valleys. What kind of facilities do you tour and what has been your personal experience performing for this particular audience? 

Mary Sue Englund:  Thank you for listening to the album and I am so glad that you like it! I truly enjoy performing “healing concerts,” which is simply a concert of “healing songs” that I have written. I have gone through a lot of crazy challenges in my lifes’ journey, such as losing my sister to violence and watching my own mother fight cancer. Music is the thing that saves me, so I knew that it must be important to others as well. I play any kind of venue, from living room to a hospital waiting room to a community center or a theater. I go where folks need the music!


Mary Sue Englund/Healing Concert/Hospital


Lauroly Q- In your promotional material you are quoted saying “We go where the music is needed’. How do you envision the ‘healing concert series’ developing? You can take your concert to small intimate setting like a hospital waiting rooms or large music venues and theaters. How will you package your concert series moving forward? You have already performed at the Grand Ole Opry many times–how thrilling was that?!


Click For ‘I AM A WOMAN’ Music Video


Mary Sue Englund: Standing on the Grand Ole Opry stage is always a thrill. I have been honored to perform there regularly for the past 11 years. It is truly exciting every time! As far as my healing concerts developing? That is a question that I am leaving up to God. I take a little step every day and see where the journey takes me. I was asked recently to give a motivational talk to a group of attorneys for their retreat. That wasn’t what I expected to be asked to do, but it was quite a privilege. It will be wonderful to watch it all unfold. So, if you know a group who would like a healing concert, please send them my way!


Lauroly Closing: Attorneys are human too and I am sure they will love your work! Thank you so much for joining me at World Wise Beauty Mary Sue. I am honored to share your beautiful and sensitive work with my readers and happy to promote your project in any way I can. YOU are truly a ‘Ideal Find’ and I am sure everyone will agree with me once they see the book and hear your music. The “I Am A Woman” book/cd is a lovely gift for any woman who needs encouragement and inspiration. And that would be all of us! For more information on purchasing her book or booking a concert with Mary Sue, please visit her website to learn more. 

Truly Herself,

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