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World Wise Beauty Rituals & Tips: Turkey in the ‘Culture Wise’ Spotlight

World Wise Beauty invites you to travel with us every Thursday and discover beauty rituals and tips from cultures around the world.  Today ‘Turkey’ is in the spotlight. Just remember, no matter where you go–there you are! Be comfortable in your own skin…

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World Wise Beauty: Turkey is located in Southeastern Europe and southwestern Asia (Turkey west of the Bosporus is geographically part of Europe), bordering the Black Sea, between Bulgaria and Georgia, and bordering the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. The coastal areas of Turkey bordering the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea have a temperate Mediterranean climate, with hot, dry summers and mild to cool, wet winters. The coastal areas bordering the Black Sea have a temperate Oceanic climate with warm, wet summers and cool to cold, wet winters. The Turkish Black Sea coast receives the greatest amount of precipitation and is the only region of Turkey that receives high precipitation throughout the year. Turkey has a very diverse culture that is a blend of various elements of the Oğuz Turkic, Anatolian, Ottoman (which was itself a continuation of both Greco-Roman and Islamic cultures) and  Western culture and traditions, which started with the Westernization of the Ottoman Empire and still continues today.

Beauty Staple: Turkish women regularly use rose-water for reducing break outs and to tone their skin which also keeps it fresh. Doing the natural way would be the best and for that you need to boil petals of rose and then wait till the water is cool enough to be applied on the face. You could also buy a pure rose-water spray which would be less time-consuming and apply just after bath.

Beauty Foods:  Yogurt is a delicacy for Turkish people and is served with almost every food item. They not only have it because of the taste but also for healthy digestion and are even applied externally. Using yogurt directly on the skin or mixing it with lemon juice is a common method of skin smoothening.

Beauty Wisdom: Turkish women go to Hamams which are famous Turkish baths. They believe the special baths not only make their skin soft and silky but also open up pores in humid weather. The Turkish bath starts with relaxation in a room (known as the warm room) that is heated by a continuous flow of hot, dry air, allowing the bather to perspire freely. Bathers may then move to an even hotter room (known as the hot room) before they wash in cold water. After performing a full body wash and receiving a massage, bathers finally retire to the cooling-room for a period of relaxation.


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