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World Wise Beauty’s ‘Ideal Finds’ Holiday Gift Guide Has Dropped Just In Time

It’s here! Just in the knick of time, WWB presents our ‘Ideal Finds Holiday Gift Guide’

to help you find your ‘ideal gift’,

that will make you feel ‘good’ giving to a loved one, pal, work colleague or neighbor.

‘For it is in the ‘Giving’ that We Receive’. ~St. Francis of Assisi

Visit the “Ideal Finds” department all year round to discover beauty, health and wellness companies who infuse “ideals and values”  into everything they produce for you.  You can also follow “Ideal Finds” on

Warm Holiday Greetings, from Truly Herself, Lauroly





Founder: Mary Sue Englund. ( co-writer of song Thom Shepherd)

Authentic Dedication: To celebrate courageous woman from all walks of life with healing music, words and photography.

Lauroly Tip- An Inspiring and uplifting gift for any woman in your life. Beautiful photography  and inspirational quotes in book!



WWB IDEAL FIND: Innersense Organic Beauty

Authentic Dedication: Ingredient transparency and consumer education. Innersense Organic Beauty is proud to be a Certified Green Company and Compact Signor of both Safe Cosmetics & Truth in Labeling Acts, Member of the Organic Trade Association and CCIC Certified Committed to social and environmental sustainability.

Founders: Greg and Joanne Starkman 

Lauroly Tip- This is a fabulous gift for people who have a passion for purity and don’t want to compromise beauty for safe ingredients. This brand keeps it’s promise when it says ‘beauty without compromise’! The ‘beautiful truth’ of Innersense feels and looks great on your hair!


WWB IDEAL FIND: Yurkku Australia Skin Care

Authentic Dedication: YURRKU superfruits and native nectars are sustainably wild-harvested. Our formulations are all-natural and inspired by the ancient knowledge of indigenous Australians who have used native flora for millennia as nourishment, to help the healing process, and as protection from the harsh Australian climate.

Founder: Christina Madeleine Chan

Lauroly Tip- This skin care line romances every ‘sense’ you have. The natural wild-harvested nectar feels and smells beautiful on your skin!



WWB IDEAL FIND: Workout Labs Exercise Cards and Digital Programs

FOUNDER: William Artamon

AUTHENTIC DEDICATION: To make fitness simple for everyone, through high quality, intuitive, and accessible products and on-line resources.

Lauroly Tip-Great stocking stuffer gift for the fitness lover on the go or for someone who appreciates easy, simple fitness instructions!




WWB Ideal Find: Every Day Matters Diary & Pocket Diary

Founder: Dani DiPirro, Author, Blogger & Illustrator

Authentic Dedication: Dedicated to helping others embrace the idea of “living happily ever after NOW, and living positively in the present moment.

Lauroly Tip- This calendar is beautifully designed and highly organized. What I really love is the inspirational tips and exercises throughout the calendar year to help us tackle each day with small positive actions.  Pocket size available too!



WWB Ideal Find: ‘Raw Spirit’ Fragrance Collection presented by Nomad Two Worlds

Founder: Russell James, internationally celebrated fine art and fashion photographer

Authentic Dedication: Nomad Two Worlds partners with indigenous and marginalized artist and communities around the world to bring you culturally inspired products and art. We strive for fairness, mutual respect, authenticity, and long-term economic outcomes from our partners as we combine ancient knowledge with the best of modern technology and design in the spirit of collaboration and sustainability. 

Lauroly Tip-This is an ‘ideal’ example of what conscious enterprises can do for communities around the world. A feel good purchase and created by Victoria Secrets celebrated photographer. Beautiful exotic fragrance line for the woman who is adventurous and worldly.




WWB Ideal Find: Golden Earth–Perfumes from Nature

Founder: Elizabeth Golden

Authentic Dedication:  Golden Earth is dedicated to supporting the wellness of the earth and all of her inhabitants and keeping the planet healthy and clean. In addition, Golden Earth is a member of the Green Products Alliance, a supporter of Green America, a member of the Organic Trade Association, a signer of the Compact for Safe Cosmetics, as well as, a PETA approved cruelty free and Vegan Company.

Lauroly Tip-This brand was on our holiday gift guide last year and there is good reason they are back. Golden Earth creates beautiful gift sets!  The oils are made with 100% therapeutic grade organic and wild crafted essential oils. You can apply like a perfume, on your pulse points, and is a perfect gift for the yoga and wellness lifestyle enthusiast! 




WWB Ideal Find: Pura Botanica

Founder: Christy Booth

Authentic Dedication: Pura Botanica is dedicated to making products that ’embody a way of life’ using organic ingredients. We created a beautiful personal care line for people who want to turn everyday rituals, like taking a bath, into an indulgent experience that is a true sensory escape from the stresses of modern life.

Lauroly Tip-This is a beautiful, chic line and they have beautiful gifts ideas for your world traveler. The travel accessories line is cruelty free, and is an ideal set that includes a document organizer, essentials pouch and a travel jewelry case.



WWB Ideal Find:  Buddha Board

Founder & CEO: Eric Thrall

Authentic Dedication: Buddha Board is dedicated to the Zen concept of living-in-the-moment, we believe in the importance of doodling, creating, and having fun. Enjoy! You simply paint on the surface with water and your creation will come to life in bold design. Then as the water slowly evaporates, your art will magically disappear leaving you with a clean slate and a clear mind, ready to create a whole new masterpiece. Buddha Board is environmentally friendly as it only uses water – no ink, no paint, no chemicals – and it will last for years with proper care.  

Lauroly TipIf you missed WWB’s holiday gift guide last year this is a wonderful gift idea for EVERYONE in your life.  It’s the unique anti-tech gadget that  actually gets you to relax and dial down. A rare gift that will be appreciated!  All creative doodlers will love this one!



WWB Ideal Find: Beauty Counter

Founder: Gregg Renefrew

Authentic Dedication: To get safe products into the hands of everyone. Decades of studies indicate that serious health issues (including, but not limited to asthma, learning disabilities, cancer and infertility) are on the rise, and due in some part to our ongoing exposure to toxic chemicals—we all deserve better. Our vision is bold—real answers are never timid. Help us put truth back in beauty.

Lauroly Tip-For the dedicated eco-beauty shopper in your life ( that should be all of us) , this is the beauty line that walks the talk and offers a full beauty and personal care line that sets the standard high for the cosmetic industry. There are over 1500 chemicals not allowed in their products! Wonderful gift sets are available to get the beautiful gal in your life started on the safe beauty track! 




WWB Ideal Find: NutriBullet PRO 900

Representative: David Wolfe rock star of the superfoods and longevity world is the celebrity spokesperson for this company

Authentic Dedication: Dedicated to innovation. By taking the time to figure out everything that is “good” about the currently available housewares products on the market and then focusing on ways to improve them, we offer you products that are of good quality, of good value and that live up to our ultimate mission: To make your life easier, at home. Each and every day.

Lauroly Tip A perfect gift for the healthy gal in your life, or to one who is aspiring to live a wellness lifestyle. An extraordinary blender that transforms everyday food into super food sold at an ordinary price that will meet your budget. Great value and gift!


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