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WWB’s Monday Morning Pow-Wow Will Take You Into Tuesday With Clarity…


Good Evening Passioneers,

So here is the truth from me today. I had some technical probs with my site, and I was not able to post this morning. Sometimes stuff happens! It was a holiday for many of you, so maybe you will appreciate this on Tuesday when you are just getting back to productivity mode.

Today’s wise Pow-Wow is so important for all of us, because it is really about ‘authenticity’. When we are authentic, we share our truth. It does not mean it is the truth for everyone, but is your personal truth. Being comfortable in our own skin requires that we be honest, and most importantly with ourselves. When we are, it frees up energy so we can keep on growing, and continue to become awesome fully self-actualized human beings. Look for your truth inside and your PASSION is sure to break through!




10/12/15 Passioneer’s Pow-Wow Wisdom: 

Authenticity always rings ‘true’…

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