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WWB Ideal Find: Meet “SpaRitual” the Enlightened Consumers’ Pleasure

Welcome to “Ideal Finds” at World Wise Beauty where beauty, health & wellness connoisseurs can learn about products and brands that are authentic and true to the ideals they are inspired by.  Sometimes we label people by their professions such as business man/woman, or entrepreneur.  Other broader labels we throw around are words like “capitalist” and “socialist”. We sometimes forget we are human beings first and often driven by our cultural and social values.  I hope at “Ideal Finds” you discover social values and capitalism can both be celebrated. There are many hard-working entrepreneurs out there infusing social ideals into their business concepts and attempting to make our world a better place.  Perfect introduction to our featured Ideal Find “SpaRitual”.  ~Truly HerselfLauroly

Ideal Find: SpaRitual

Founder: Shel Pink

Authentic Dedication:  Dedicated to true Spa Tradition and committed to creating eco-friendly products
(nail lacquer, body care, lip gloss) and packaging designed for the enlightened consumer.

Lauroly Q- Welcome Shel Pink! I am so pleased to introduce your company SpaRitual as an “Ideal Find”.  Your company has been chosen as an “Ideal Find” because you infuse socially conscious values into everything you do and also have started a movement called “Slow Beauty”. When you first got started the words eco, organic and vegan did not have the “chic connotations” they have today. As an early visionary, tell us what or who inspired you to create a company with environmental ideals?


Shel Pink–Founder of Spa Ritual


Shel Pink: Long before people were talking about living green and eating organic food, my mom was teaching me when I was only a teenager to read the labels on food and beauty products. She thought everything you put in and on your body should be good for you. But like every other woman she still wanted to look beautiful and loved beauty products. She searched for products that were better for you despite the fact that there were very few options back then. So when I started working at Orly, and had the opportunity to develop a new beauty brand I wanted to bring a healthier approach to the nail care and beauty industry.

Lauroly Q
 You were so lucky to grow up with holistic traditions. Did you feel you didn’t fit in with your peers growing up? I became a vegetarian when I moved out on my own in my early twenties. With this lifestyle change I embraced holistic medicine as well. I remember going to work and recommending “Echinacea” to my work mates when they got sick. They just laughed at me and popped another cold pill! 

Shel Pink: I’ve never quite “fit in”. When I first started speaking about organic, and eco-friendly beauty products people told me it would be a fleeting fad. When I introduced the concept of Slow Beauty I received a very negative reaction. I finally realized that when I get push back I’ve hit a nerve. It has become a cue now to push forward and champion the ideas I truly believe in.

Lauroly Q- You have a wonderful quote on your website that says “Beauty is the spontaneous expression of a harmonious mind, body and spirit”. So true, and I personally call mind, body, spirit the wellness trinity. But tell us more about Ancient Spa Tradition. What does this term mean to your business and what should it mean to us? 

Shel Pink:The core values of the Ancient Spa Tradition are beauty, health, wellness and education. It took a turn down a more superficial path for a while. Now the industry is truly and authentically embracing its’ roots. The Spa Industry is poised to help raise awareness about the benefits of healing spa treatments like massage, “taking the waters”, and meditation just to name a few. And now, with the launch of there is empirical data to support and educate on these benefits. The Spa Tradition is really the core of a Slow Beauty practice.

Lauroly Q-This is a perfect segue to learn more about the new movement you have launched called “Slow Beauty” .  You built a digital platform around this philosophical concept which aims to inspire change via blog entries from activists, wellness professionals, artists and socially conscious entrepreneurs. Can you share with us what the Slow Beauty movement means and how it can be manifested in our everyday lives?

SpaRitual Candle Set


Shel Pink: The Slow Beauty movement is a mindful approach to beauty that advocates holistic beauty, health and wellness experiences in today’s fast world. Developing a Slow Beauty practice is practical and approachable. There is a wide range of ways to get on the “path”. On there are 7 outposts that define Slow Beauty1-spa tradition, 2-meditation, 3-mindful consumption, 4-nourished mind, 5-renewal, 6-rituals and 7-self-expression. For the first year we wanted to open up a dialogue to reflect on how we have approached beauty up to now, and offer up new perspectives on places, spaces, experiences, and language that could help us to expand our definition of beauty, health, wellness and aging. We’ve had a lot of amazing insights from some very talented, inspired and visionary change agents. Moving forward we will continue to hear from great people, and we will also provide insights into what’s trending in each of these outposts to help people develop a Slow Beauty practice in a very concrete, real way that suits their individual lifestyle.

Lauroly Closing- Thank you Shel for joining me here at World Wise Beauty. We celebrate companies like SpaRitual at World Wise Beauty and wish you great success with all your inspiring endeavors. What I especially love about your company and movement is your personal dedication to enlightenment. Keep on lighting the way for us…

Now that you have learned about Shel Pink’s authentic ideals and commitment to wellness, discover more about her SpaRitual line of products.  Her most popular products carried by many high-end spas is her nail care essentials line. You can also find her products easily at my Amazon Beauty shop in the sidebar to your right.



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