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How to Be a Globetrotting Foodie Without Using Any of Your Bonus Miles? Our Expert and Founder of “The Healthy Voyager” Has Your Ticket!

Healthy Epicurean Featured Book: The Healthy Voyager’s Global Kitchen

 Featured Author, Expert & Founder of “The Healthy Voyager”: Carolyn Scott-Hamilton

You have arrived at the Healthy Epicurean department with World Wise Beauty.  I created this special focused area because I wanted to share with you just how pleasurable living a healthy lifestyle can be. For example, there are many who have a preconceived notion that eating healthy precludes flavor and the “yummy” factor. Well I am here to say, you just don’t know what you are missing! 

Prepare to take off because the Healthy Epicurean is meeting with the Healthy Voyager and who knows where this will take us! It’s no surprise to learn the countries with the healthiest populations and longest life expectancy have mainly plant-based diets with limited amounts of meat. You hear and read about “health and longevity secrets” from these magical, faraway places but if you take a healthy voyage with Carolyn and read her book  you will discover there is no passport required to enjoy delicious healthy eating. Carolyn Scott-Hamilton is not only a digital maven and author but also a holistic nutritionist, healthy travel expert and a vegan chef! We are in good hands…

Truly Herself ~Lauroly

Lauroly Q- Welcome Carolyn to World Wise Beauty’s Healthy Epicurean series.  Your book called The Healthy Voyager’s Global Kitchen is a mouth-watering culinary tour of the world where you can learn about cultures, customs and cooking techniques. I will never forget when I became a vegetarian as a young girl in my new apartment and decided to serve a Middle Eastern Vegetarian Easter dinner to my American traditional family. When they sat down to the table they were speechless, but once they caught their breath and got hungry they really enjoyed the dinner! Now my family experiments with Mediterranean, Japanese, Mexican, and Indian cuisines but my Easter dinner is still a memorable event they like to tease me about! How did you become the “Healthy Voyager” and tell us more about your personal journey?


Carolyn Scott-Hamilton: That’s a great story! Well, I became a healthy voyager back in 1999 when I was having some trouble with my weight. I stumbled upon a book called Fit for Life and it changed mine instantly. I switched to a plant-based, vegan diet immediately and have never looked back! I was so interested in health that I received my masters in holistic nutrition and went to culinary school to make sure I was doing it right. I was also an avid traveler and realized I wasn’t the only person to find it difficult to travel on a special diet, so in 2005 I created The Healthy Voyager show, site and brand!

Lauroly Q- Wow, so for you the ideas in one book really changed your whole mindset and ultimately your life.  How we do we convince people healthy eating can really be a “yummy” culinary experience? Your book is a gourmet globetrotting tour of the world but since we have so little blog space, what are some of your favorite International dishes and which ones are the easiest to make at home for today’s busy lifestyle?

Carolyn Scott-Hamilton: I think that you can really convince people through their taste buds. Food should taste good! I’ve always had success by being a positive example, never being preachy and either cooking great food for people and parties or ordering great stuff at a restaurant that inevitably, everyone wants to try! I made it a point in my book to cover international comfort foods so that no matter your dietary restriction, folks could enjoy dishes they grew up with or have missed out on. My personal favorites are the Latin American dishes and I’m Colombian so it was fun to share my nostalgic meals. ; )

Lauroly Q- I think it is wonderful how you inspire people to connect with real food and experiment in their own kitchens. This is so important because before you can really appreciate any great meal, it helps to learn about ingredients. Just as wine lovers learn about various grapes and the regions of the world they come from, foodies begin to learn about spices, herbs, sweeteners and grains. You have a wonderful section in your book that helps us stock a kitchen ready to prepare an international meal. How would you entice the plain Jane eater to experiment? And finally because we are talking with a holistic nutritionist here, why is it so important to lean toward a plant-based diet from a health perspective?


Carolyn Scott-Hamilton: Thanks! I think you need to get plain Jane interested with some trickery! If they love a burger, don’t serve them tofu masala. Make them a hearty veggie burger with some tangy bbq sauce. I always say, start with what you know and move forward from there. They will learn that just because it’s not meat, it is just another tasty food that can be an alternative. That tends to get people trying new things. As for why a plant-based diet is healthier? I could write a long novel to explain but the basic idea is a more alkaline diet (common with vegetarians) is healthier as illness and disease can only thrive in an acidic filled body. The more alkaline your diet, the less likely you are to fall ill and turn on the switch of so many common diseases. It’s cleaner, more pure, more easily digestible and darn tasty!

Lauroly Closing: It’s so true! So many vegetarian dishes “rock your taste buds” with flavorful spices. It’s been such fun to talk with you Carolyn. You inspire the wanderlust and voyager in us all! We will be looking out for more exciting projects from you and will be sure to sign up for your Healthy Voyager newsletter too. Happy travels and send a postcard to World Wise Beauty every now and then! Bon Voyage…

As you have discovered Carolyn is a multi-talented gal and her digital enterprise is filled with all kinds of adventures for you to explore. Visit her website portal The Healthy Voyager and learn more about her newsletter and other healthy-travel oriented projects. To add a little international spice to your culinary experiences click this link The Healthy Voyagers Global Kitchen or shop the WWB Amazon shop to your right Enjoy the pleasures of healthy eating!



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