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In Remembrance of Robin Williams: Connecting the Parts and Treating the Whole

Creative brilliance yes, but Robin Williams had lived for a long time with a darkness at the periphery of his vision. Some call it Bipolar disorder, others call it Major Depression. Both psychiatric conditions can lead to suicide when not treated. Life’s crushing blows and heartaches, crossed wires in the brain, imbalanced chemistry, missing serotonin, improper nutrition–now couple this with alcohol and drugs. This is a lethal mix. Some say psychotherapy helps, others say pharmaceutical drugs will help and many others say ‘snap out of it and get a little exercise’. An afflicted person may try all of the above and still SUFFER. So they think to themselves ‘maybe this drink will help’ (self-medicating).

The TRUTH is we are complex human beings and there is no one magic bullet to treat any DIS-EASE. Our mind, body and spirit are parts of the beautiful WHOLE. When we finally come to this, and treat the PERSON and all their CONNECTED parts ‘holistically’, we will have embraced true wellness culture.

I could pontificate on the many topics related to Robin’s suicide but perhaps the best way to honor him, now that he is gone, is to celebrate wellness culture. I will continue to talk to the many wellness professionals and experts around the world, so we can all “synthesize’ wisdom and the many helpful ‘approaches’ to caring for our mind, body and spirits. Our aim together as ‘World Wise Beauties’ is to be WHOLE and comfortable in our own skin. This is a worthy aspiration, this we can try to do, because we are ALIVE. We’ll deeply miss your Robin.


Truly Herself,





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