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Play Your Cards Right and Win the Game of Life! WWB’s ‘Ideal Find’ Makes Fitness Simple for Everyone…




IDEAL FIND: Workout Labs Exercise Cards and Digital Programs

FOUNDER: William Artamon

AUTHENTIC DEDICATION: To make fitness simple for everyone, through high quality, intuitive, and accessible products and on-line resources.







Lauroly Opening: Welcome William, to World Wise Beauty. I am so excited to share your Workout Labs product line with our readers. World Wise Beauty celebrates wellness culture and exercise is the key ingredient to achieving optimal health. We talk so much about food and nutrition and I think we forget that food is ‘fuel’ to ‘move’ the body! What’s important to note before we get started is many people don’t hate exercise, they just can’t find time to do it enough. I loved to exercise my entire life, but then I developed a career which entailed frequent international business travel and long hours at the office. I really had to make an effort and find the time to exercise. Everyone can see where I am going with this. We are now more than ever a mobile society and business travelers aren’t the only people trying to fit in exercise time. This is why I love your Exercise Cards William! It is the perfect fitness solution for our busy lifestyles and designed for anyone to use. How did you conceptualize your product line? Tell us how Workout Labs came to life…

William Artamon: So many of our users are in a similar situation Lauroly – they want to be healthier, to be fitter, but face various obstacles in making exercise a part of their life – they lack time or money for the gym, they are intimidated by all that equipment and don’t know where to start, they just find it all too hard and often give up. This is where Workout Labs comes in. Our goal is to make fitness simple and accessible to everyone though the tools we offer online and our Exercise Cards. Workout Labs launched with only our online custom workout builder in January of 2013 and the idea for the concept came out of my own need to create visual workout plans that I could take with me to the gym. Not finding any good resources to do this, I set out to create one. Our website and offerings grew since then based on what our users were asking for and the Exercise Cards is just another simple tool to make it easy to start exercising anywhere anytime.



Lauroly Q- Find a need and fill it! It’s amazing how creative and resourceful we humans are when we encounter obstacles and challenges. The other great feature of your cards is they are customized for both women and men. How many of us use machines in a gym and wonder if we are doing the workout right?  I think the educational element of your line is just as important as the convenience of your products. How do we know if we are doing our exercises correctly on our own?

Workout Labs Exercise Card Deck


William Artamon: Our exercise illustrations, which are done in-house, are a key ingredient in our online products and the Exercise Cards. We take great care to make sure the illustrations are clear and show correct form and movement so that there is rarely a need to reference the written instructions.

Lauroly Q- I began this Q&A talking about the importance of fitness and nutrition and I am thrilled you have included nutrition plans with your workout programs. Everyone will be happy to discover that you offer customized workout programs on-line. What are the programs you offer and how do we take advantage of them? I just signed up for you 6 minute morning workout which also comes up with a training schedule. Tell us more about your Workout Builder and your Workout Plans. How do they work and how much do they cost?


Workout Labs Exercise Cards, Plans & Programs

William Artamon: Yes, the Exercise Cards is just a small part of what we offer – most of our resources are on our website. The unique thing that we offer is our illustrated workout builder that lets you create custom printable routines with exercise illustrations in seconds via a simple drag-and-drop interface. You have a choice of about 190 exercises and stretches (a number that is growing every month) and our workout builder is free to use. If you are just getting started and aren’t sure how to structure your routine, we have a several free workout plans designed by our trainers that you can download or customize to your liking. We also have a dozen workout packs for various fitness goals that consist of three workouts, warm-up and stretches routines, training calendar and some essential training tips – these are $4.95 downloads.

If you are looking for a transformation, we have two 8-week training programs – one for home, one for use at the gym – designed to help you lose 10-15 pounds with a simple exercise program and an easy-to-follow nutrition guide that will help you adjust your diet without having to follow a strict meal plan that is often too difficult to follow. Hundreds of our customers have followed these programs, priced at $27 to $29, to great results and the number one comment we receive is about how simple our programs are compared with what they have tried before. All of these resources are based on our exercise illustrations and are designed to be very simple and accessible to anyone.


Lauroly Closing: Thanks so much William for being innovative and creating your company Workout Labs. I mean that! Workout Labs is an ‘ideal find’ and I think your cards will be the perfect stocking stuffer this year for the holidays. I’ll be sure to include you in the WWB ‘Ideal Finds’ Holiday Gift Guide this year! 

No more excuses Word Wise Beauties! Let’s make the time to exercise!

Truly Herself,


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