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WWB Ideal Find: Introducing ‘Nigella Therapy’ a New Patented Skin Care Line Sourced from Egypt and Fit for all ‘Queens’ Around the World…

Ideal Find: “Nigella Therapy’ Skin Care

Founder: Dr. Osama Kandil, Phd and Co-Founder ( his daughter) Iman Kandil
(Iman present for the Q&A)

Authentic Dedication:  Committed to creating effective skin care products using the highest quality natural ingredients backed by science.

Lauroly Opening: Welcome Iman to World Wise Beauty. I am so excited about sharing my new Ideal Find “Nigella Therapy’. What woman wouldn’t want to know about the beauty secrets of Cleopatra! I discovered your company at Natural Products Expo East and your booth sign ‘Discover Cleopatra’s ancient secret to beautiful healthy skin’ pulled me right in. Well of course it takes more than clever signage to impress me and I am happy to talk to you about what makes your new skin care line so unique and an ‘Ideal Find’.



As always, we are reminded that ‘mother nature’ often provides the ‘miracle cures and benefits’ we need. With Nigella Therapy we discover Nigella sativa oil is commonly known as black seed oil or black cumin seed oil and is sourced from an independent farm along the Nile River in Upper Egypt. The Nigella Seed oil has been used for thousands of years by local communities in Egypt and other Mediterranean cultures, and it is impressive that there is 20 years of scientific research and clinical studies to back your therapeutic claims. You set out to prove the skin health benefits of Nigella sativa matched its legendary mystique.

What a lot of people might not know is how science helps to formulate natural oils that end up in beautiful bottles for our skin. So I will jump right in and ask you to share a little about how you got started, the sourcing process and your exciting new US patent. I understand you are cruelty free and paraben free. Will you be working towards certifications in these areas?


Iman Kandil, Co-Founder, Nigella Therapy

Iman Kandil: Thank you for featuring our exciting new product, Lauroly! I’ve been working with my father, a scientist with a PhD in Immunology from Tufts University, to launch this line of products called Nigella Therapy. We are launching with our first product, the Anti-Aging/Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream/Serum and are working on producing a Day Serum as well as a few other products to make a comprehensive line of skin care products based on our proprietary and patented black seed oil extract called Nigenol®.

My father, Dr. Kandil conducted scientific research studies back in the late ‘80s on the therapeutic and medicinal properties of Nigella sativa, also commonly known as the black seed, and the oil extracted from the black seed. The findings from his research was used to obtain U.S. Patent #7,722,906 that describes the novel composition, therapeutic indications, and clinical efficacy and safety of Nigenol® to the skin. Yes, we are cruelty-free, paraben-free, and SLS-free. Also, the black seeds from which we extract Nigenol® are organic and GMO-free. Although we don’t currently have certifications in these areas, this is something that we are certainly looking into as we build our business.


Lauroly Q – It is amazing how much beauty wisdom regarding beauty care can be found around the world from ancient cultures. Tell us more about the ancient traditions in Egypt dating back to Queen Nefertiti and Cleopatra and how they were using Nigella Sativa oil…



Nigella Therapy Booth at Natural Products Expo, Baltimore, MD

Iman Kandil: You are absolutely right, Lauroly, it really is amazing how much we can learn from different cultures both ancient and current – if we just listen. Nigella sativa seeds (i.e. black seeds) have been used for thousands of years. Black seeds have been used in cooking, as medicinal treatment for various ailments, and its oil for skin care. According to the Encyclopedia of Medicinal Plants, Nigella sativa seeds were found in Egyptian Pharaoh, King Tut’s Tomb, which reflects the degree of significance the seeds had during the Ancient Egyptian Era. Egyptian Queens Nefertiti and Cleopatra were also known to have used Nigella sativa seeds and the oil extracted from the seeds to keep their skin healthy and beautiful. One of the reasons that I’m truly excited about Nigella Therapy is the idea of introducing the power of the black seed, and more particularly our unique black seed oil called Nigenol®, to health-conscious communities in America.

So many of the beauty and health products we find in the market today are either somewhat effective but contain harsh chemicals or contain all natural ingredients but are not effective – this false compromise is not necessary. With Nigella Therapy, we are committed to creating effective products using the highest quality natural ingredients backed by science. You don’t have to choose between effective and natural anymore – in Nigella Therapy’s Anti-Aging/Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream/Serum, you can enjoy both!

Lauroly Q- Your skin formulation story is so impressive but what I am always really excited about is the altruistic missions behind the companies I select as ‘Ideal Finds’. I was thrilled to learn you are giving back to community on both sides of the world! You give a percentage of your profits to a U.S based non-profit as well as helping local independent farms sustain a viable business in Egypt. How did you select the non-profit to work with in the U.S. and what is your personal passion when it comes to giving back?


Sourcing of Black Seed ingredient, Nile River, Egypt

Iman Kandil: Here at Nigella Therapy, we are deeply committed to supporting our communities both in the Washington, D.C. area where we are based and in Egypt where we source our foundational key ingredient, the black seed. We whole heartedly believe in the individual and corporate responsibility to do good – Nigella Therapy offers effective products made with the highest quality ingredients to meet the needs of our customers and, in the process, we support community development projects that contribute to creating a better tomorrow for all. The Nigella sativa seeds we use are sourced from an independently owned and operated organic farm along the Western bank of the Nile River in Minya, Egypt. Instead of working with corporate farms, we believe in the importance of supporting independent farmers and small businesses as a means to sustainable economic and community development. Additionally, for every product we sell, we have committed to donating $1 to a local community development organization in the U.S. The Nigella Therapy management team will consider 501(c) 3 non-profit nominations from our community of customers and supporters and then select an organization to support. We plan on regularly revisiting this selection.

To kick things off, we have decided to support Project REACH, a local community development organization in Washington, D.C. that is rooted in youth engagement and mentorship. I am actually, personally, very passionate about inner-city community development through youth leadership development and engagement. For the past 5 years, I have enthusiastically supported Project REACH, as a volunteer leader, donor, and mentor. I could go on for hours about my experiences with the inspiring young people of D.C. and about what we can do to help eliminate some of the social and economic injustices faced by some communities, but I’ll save that for another time…

Lauroly Q- Thank you for sharing Iman. It is wonderful that you have incorporated you own passion for volunteering and giving back into your business model. I discovered you at the NPE Expo but where can consumers find Nigella Therapy in the U.S?

Iman Kandil: We are currently selling our Anti-Aging/Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream/Serum directly on our website We are working on getting the product in retail outlets across the country and around the world, so folks should connect with us on social media to stay up to date on everything Nigella Therapy! Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @NigellaTherapy and Like our page on

Lauroly Closing- Congratulations on the launch of ‘Nigella Therapy’ Iman. It has been a pleasure to talk with you and thank you for sharing some ancient history and modern science with us! Nigella Therapy is truly an ‘Ideal Find’ and one fit for all of my ‘Queens’ following World Wise Beauty! We can’t forget that while Cleopatra was considered beautiful she was also very ‘wise’…

Truly Herself,


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