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Ideal Finds, Wise Gurus, WWB Book Wise Club

The WWB ‘Book Wise’ Pick for Late Fall 2019 Explores The Eight Master Lessons of Nature and Living Well in the World

  What a week to share my very special 'Book Wise' Pick! Who would have ever thought in 2019 that Greta Thunberg, a sixteen year old from Stockholm would inspire millions of people across more than...

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WWB Book Wise Club

World Wise Beauty Selects the Beautifully Illustrated ‘This Phenomenal Life’ for the Summer Book Wise Pick on the Eve of the Solar Eclipse

BOOK WISE Summer 2017 Pick: This Phenomenal Life --the amazing ways we are connected with our Universe' CATEGORY: Non-Fiction Nature/Science/Art CULTURE SPOTLIGHT: The Entire Universe AUTHOR: Misha Maynerick Blaise Publishers Weekly Review: "Whimsically hip illustrations elucidate wild science-based facts, from the...

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Wellness Culture

WWB WATCH: The Center for Science in the Public Interest Has an Important Health Update For You…and How Sweet it is Not!

  If you missed the NYT article this Sunday on how the sugar industry manipulated research findings to downplay sugars role in heart disease, you can find the links here. Before you do, below is a...

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Ideal Finds

WWB Ideal Find: Introducing ‘Nigella Therapy’ a New Patented Skin Care Line Sourced from Egypt and Fit for all ‘Queens’ Around the World…

Ideal Find: "Nigella Therapy' Skin Care Founder: Dr. Osama Kandil, Phd and Co-Founder ( his daughter) Iman Kandil (Iman present for the Q&A) Authentic Dedication:  Committed to creating effective skin care products using the highest quality natural ingredients backed by science. Lauroly Opening: Welcome...

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