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WWB WATCH: Sunbathers Live Longer? Beyond the Headlines…One Doctor Shows Us How Research is Tricky

  There is nothing like that feeling of elation when you read a headline that says 'Sunbathers Live Longer'. This one is right up there with studies that present the health benefits of chocolate and...

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World Wise Beauty Presents the ‘WWB Icon’ for 2015. Meet ‘Thorbjörg’ the Hot Anti-Aging Queen from Scandinavia

  ICON: Thorbjorg Hafsteindottir EXPERTISE: Nutrition, Fitness, Longevity AUTHOR: '10 Years younger, in 10 Weeks (Your Best Self).' PROFILE: Thorborg is Scandinavia's anti-age queen and has reached cult status with her natural and empowering approach to aging. She is a...

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World Wise Beauty Rituals & Tips: ‘Greece’ in the Culture Wise Spotlight

World Wise Beauty invites you to travel with us every Thursday and discover beauty rituals and tips from cultures around the world. PLUS, learn a little culture trivia, history and geography too. Just remember, no matter...

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WWB WATCH: New Study/New Calculator Looks at ‘Fitness Age’ and Your Capacity for Longevity

  THE WATCH:  Moderate exercise just may be one of the secrets to longevity according to a new Fitness study recently released. It is important to emphasize 'one of' as the body is a complex...

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Ideal Finds

WWB Ideal Find: Introducing ‘Nigella Therapy’ a New Patented Skin Care Line Sourced from Egypt and Fit for all ‘Queens’ Around the World…

Ideal Find: "Nigella Therapy' Skin Care Founder: Dr. Osama Kandil, Phd and Co-Founder ( his daughter) Iman Kandil (Iman present for the Q&A) Authentic Dedication:  Committed to creating effective skin care products using the highest quality natural ingredients backed by science. Lauroly Opening: Welcome...

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