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Putting ‘Thoughtful Love’ into the Giving…World Wise Beauty’s ‘Ideal Gifts’ For Mom

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and some of you are still thinking about what to give your Mom. You want her day to be special and you want her gift to convey just how much you love her. For those who are still giving appliances to their Mom, you may want to skip this post all together, but for those who are looking for a unique and special way to thank and appreciate your Mom, I just might have a few ideas here for you. So forget the designer hand bags for a moment, and think about giving something ‘ideal’ and inspirational…

Ideal gifts for me are inspirational and there is no better gift to give than a book full of enlightening wisdom. What has your Mom been talking about lately? Does she want to lose a few pounds. have more energy, travel more, learn a language or take a cooking class? Think about what she would like to do for herself, and create an inspirational gift package that speaks to her highest aspirations. Maybe you can’t afford to send her to the Greek Islands but you might be able to manage a lovely book and a cooking class on preparing the ultimate Greek dishes. But here is a good rule of thumb, if she hasn’t talked about losing weight, don’t give her the best-selling diet book! Seems like a no brainer. But how many people do this?  Too many I’m afraid.

The thoughtful gift is the gift that says ‘I care about you, I listen to you, and I care about what matters to you.’ Mother’s Day is about her and it’s your chance to let her know that her well-being and happiness matter too. Here are a few interesting books and ‘thoughtful’ gift ideas to inspire your Mom and get her thinking about herself for a change!

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Cooking, Wellness & Culture: 

Does your Mom love to cook, explore different cultures, and appreciate ancient wisdom? Does she collect beautiful cookbooks? Has she been talking about the ‘Mediterranean Diet’ and how healthy it is for you? Well, I have the ‘ideal gift idea’ for her. Maria Benardis is a Gourmand Award winning author, health coach, teacher, chef and Founder of Greekalicious. She is also a WWB Icon!


Maria published her first book entitled “My Greek Family Table” (Penguin), which won the prestigious Gourmand World Cookbook Awards and Best Mediterranean Cuisine Book in Australia 2009. She recently published her new book “Cooking & Eating Wisdom for Better Health” (Balboa Press) – How the Wisdom of Ancient Greece can lead to a longer Life. She is a slow food advocate and regularly appears on radio, television and the print media to enthusiastically share her Greek heritage, its food and healing wisdom.

IDEAL GIFT IDEA: Wouldn’t it be wonderful for your Mom to open up a beautiful book like this one, and find a registration ticket for a wonderful cooking class? Maria teaches in New York but I am sure you can also find local cooking classes in your region of the world. Give your Mom the gift of wisdom and a pleasurable experience…



Spirituality, Inner Peace & Wisdom: 

Is your Mom just now taking an interest in Yoga or Meditation?  She’s a wise lady, because there are so many research studies validating the value of meditation practices for good health and longevity. Maybe she is interested and just not sure where to start. Both practices are truly a gift to the ‘self’ because they benefit mind, body, and spirit. I discovered this wonderful little book  ‘The Untethered Soul’ the Journey Beyond Yourself, by Michael A. Singer after reading a review in the New York Times. This short but deep book is an excellent primer to exploring your inner-life and connecting with your spiritual self. What it does so well is help us understand how our mind and habitual thoughts, driven by ego, prevents us from finding peace within. The author builds a bridge between western thought ( psychology) and eastern thought ( philosophy) and gets you thinking about what really matters. Because ‘no matter where you go there you are’!

There are so many excellent reviews on this book, but the endorsement I love best is from the spiritual guru of our times, Deepak Chopra. It is  appropriately on the cover of the book. “Read this book carefully and you will get a glimpse of eternity.”  This simple and elegant book walks you through the spiritual teachings of the ages and most importantly guides you on how to ‘comfortable in your own skin’. A World Wise Beauty ‘IDEAL GIFT’ for sure!

IDEAL GIFT IDEA: When she opens up this special book, maybe she will find a ticket to a wellness retreat or paid registration for a yoga class in her area. Keep in mind there are many wellness centers in communities exploring spirituality and health that won’t break the bank. Check out your local listings. Follow this link to learn more about yoga and meditation and discover some gift ideas to include in your gift package to Mom. With this gift idea you can literally give your Mom a little peace of mind, and this may very well be the the first time! lol



Beauty, Health, & Wellness

Has your Mom been embracing a more natural approach to her lifestyle? Has she been eating whole foods and eating more vegetables and fruit? Bravo to her! She may have also heard that gorgeous, youthful looks are directly linked to a nutritious diet. Natural Beauty is a trendy term but the benefits of a healthy diet is definitely reflected in your skin. Your Mom can be radiant at any age if she nourishes her body from the inside out. I am always excited to share this ‘gem’ of a book because it is filled with ‘ideal’ beauty nutrition wisdom. Jolene Hart, Beauty Editor turned Health Coach, and now author of ‘Eat Pretty’ Nutrition for Beauty Inside and Out, shares and reveals how wholesome, delicious food can be her true beauty secret.


The recipes in this book are delectable but Jolene doesn’t stop there, because she includes a full comprehensive chapter on beauty essentials that have nothing to do with cosmetic products. Think sleep, stress, and hormone management. Did I tell you how beautiful this book is? See for yourself and give it to every mother and woman you know! It’s a keeper and one she will refer to time and time again…

IDEAL GIFT IDEA: Is your Mom embarking on a journey to a healthy lifestyle but leading a very busy life with hectic schedules? How can she stay disciplined and incorporate healthy foods into her busy lifestyle on the run? This book will get her on her way but maybe she might enjoy more focused attention from a Health Coach. She will have to schedule it, but more than likely she thrives on a calendar and this will be scheduled time for her. Jolene is a certified Health Coach and studied at The Integrated Institute of Nutrition. She and coaches like her can be the best cheer-leader your Mom has ever had. Learn more about Jolene and her coaching services here and seek out other coaches like her  in your area. Give Mom the gift of beauty wisdom and undivided attention with a Health Coach!


Friendships, Wellness and Travel

Is your Mom a devoted mother now facing an empty nest? Has she been so dedicated to motherhood and working that she had little time to spend with friends? We all go through different transitional changes in our lives, and making new friends is particularly hard when we are older. Sometimes in our mobile society friends just move away and suddenly our social circle just gets smaller. I have the ‘ideal gift’ for your Mom, and it is sure to get her on her way to building new friendships. My WWB Icon Shasta Nelson wrote a wonderful book called ‘“Friendships Don’t Just Happen” and she is also Founder of Her book received national attention by all the women’s magazines and she also appeared on the “Katie Couric” show.


This enlightening book is chock full of good advice on how to create and nurture lifelong supportive friendships which too many of us have not been taught or shown. You Mom will find great wisdom in this book as the author is a pastor and life coach and has been teaching  the art of healthy relationships, facilitating small groups, and creating community for some time.  Which brings me to my last but wonderful ‘ideal gift’ idea.

IDEAL GIFT IDEA: After writing her book Shasta created a Travel Club for women. sponsors travel trips for women, by women, and about women to places all over the world. Whether it’s the rare and stimulating opportunity to travel legally into Cuba to learn about their politics and culture and how it impacts women, the safety and meaning that traveling with a group can bring to a trip in the Middle East, or a fun and adventurous trip filled with activity in Peru or Costa Rica– your Mom will come home with new friendships created among the group that travels together. Now this is an ‘Ideal Gift’. But don’t sweat it, you don’t necessarily have to fund the trip because the book is full of ideas on how to create friendships right in your area. Give your Mom the gift of encouragement and let her know it’s okay to live a little herself!

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