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WWB’s Weekly Wisdom Wrap: Mothers, Daughters & Aunties Around the World Creating Beauty and Finding Freedom…

 Mother’s Day is this Sunday in America, and I think this Week’s Wisdom Wrap is just a perfect time to share these wonderful companies created by women and for women. There are many ‘values and ideals’ surrounding conscious consumerism and it is difficult to navigate all the issues surrounding the ‘production’ of things manufactured around the world. So rather than bombard you with all the controversial issues of industrialized manufacturing, I’d like to share some options that I think just might make you feel better about shopping for beautiful gifts. Actually you will feel really good because you’ll be contributing to the empowerment of talented women around the world. When we say ‘Pay it Forward’ you are literally doing just that.

You may have heard the term ‘Fair Trade’,  but just in case you are unsure
about exactly what this is, let me enlighten you…

Simply stated, Fair Trade is a commitment to trade practices that are fair and equitable. It is an ‘ethical’ approach to sourcing products from communities ( often women led), so they can receive a fair living wage, safe working conditions, healthcare, education, financial assistance, and most importantly opportunity to create a life for themselves and their family. Doesn’t that sound good?  This is an ideal alternative to sweat shops and factory made manufacturing. This is also a way for consumers to use their ‘purchasing power’ to help empower women around the world. Fair Trade is now in an explosive growth period and you will find many conscious companies ( often smaller entrepreneurs) creating companies around this business model.

This week I introduce you to two inspiring companies, doing a world of good led by wise women. WorldFinds is a pioneer in Fair Trade and is a wholesaler. You can’t purchase directly from them but you can find numerous retailers around the country who carry their products. For example right in my area is a lovely boutique called ‘Ten Thousand Villages’ and they offer many beautiful products, I am sure come from WorldFinds. I wanted to profile the wholesale company first so you could understand the supply chain and grasp the altruistic concept of Fair Trade. The other company Sudara ( formerly known as International Princess Project) I am profiling is fairly new but has recently re-branded. I think you will love what you discover on their site and you can still order a gift for Mother’s Day! At the very least, you will have discovered a beautiful ‘shop’ for future gifts and indulgences for yourself, that will feel good in your heart and on your body. Remember, the women who are creating these beautiful products for you are ‘mothers, daughters and aunties’ and your purchase is giving them a gift of freedom. Doesn’t get any more beautiful than that…






Affirming that fair trade, fashion, and longevity can coalesce, WorldFinds is celebrating fifteen years of successfully combining on-trend style with improving lives. They design, import, and wholesale fair trade gifts, jewelry and women’s accessories. For example in my area there is a beautiful shop called Ten Thousands Villagesand they carry the amazing gifts and accessories that are probably sourced from WorldFinds. Google Fair Trade shops in your neighborhood and you will find a world of beauty and good! WorldFinds is a proud member of the Fair Trade Federation since 2001, and partners with socially responsible artisan groups to ensure fair wages for the low-income artisans it supports. What I think is key, is they put equal emphasis on improving the artisans communities,, preserving cultural traditions, alleviating poverty and eradicating sweat shop child labor. This to me, is a true business model creating ‘Wellness Culture’.

SUDARA…Made from Hope, Made for Comfort



You may already be familiar with one of Sudara’s popular brands ‘Punjammies’. I have shared on WWB’s Facebook and they have received press from all the major women’s fashion magazines, because they are ‘that beautiful’. But beyond the beauty of their products is their beautiful mission. Read on…

In 2005, Sudara founder Shannon Keith took a trip to India that opened her eyes to a tragedy occurring daily to women and girls throughout the country. She could hardly believe what she witnessed in India’s Red Light Districts—modern day slavery. Shannon listened to story after story of young girls being sold into the sex trade by their families, orphans picked up off the street by pimps, and even young mothers just trying to get enough money to feed their children. Many were held against their will. Others were trapped by economic poverty. Worst of all were the stories of those who managed to escape the brothels only to return due to social stigma and having no other means to survive. Prior to 2015 her project was called ‘The International Princess Project’ and now she has fully re-branded to ‘Sudara’. The brand Sudara is a tribute to the Indian word Sundara which means ‘beautiful’.

It is hard to believe that modern day slavery still exists.

Sometimes you just feel so helpless when you hear about the horrendous crimes, and you think to yourself, ‘how can shopping for ‘clothes’ help these poor women’? I ask you to read more about the Sudara program and their conscious business model, and you will understand how economic empowerment, positive alliances, and education is all connected to your purchase. Never underestimate the power of conscious consuming’ because you are indeed helping and making a difference in the lives of many women.


Now let’s get to the beautiful fashion forward products that are just gorgeous gifts for Mom and a delightful treat for yourself! Don’t forget to check out their beautiful on trend tops and tee-shirts! Below are a few product images of their ‘Punjammies’ to get you interested and then keep scrolling to learn more about a really cool temporary tattoo line by Conscious Ink. This line is so creative and a really fun way to express yourself without cutting you skin! And did I tell you…yay Sudara has gift cards!


Visit Sudara Website For More Beautiful Selections

Sudara Also Partners With Conscious Ink Tattoos 


I don’t have a tattoo myself but these temporary tattoos would be something creative I would try, and I love that they express wise and peaceful sentiments! Great for gifts, parties or a day when you just need to be reminded of the truth. Enjoy and wear often!


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