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Drink This…Not That! Three Super Cool Drink Options for Fueling Up…

When I was a kid I would go horseback riding with my Dad and after a day of exercise we would stop at my Aunt and Uncle’s house for a short visit.  They would serve me a small juice size glass of soda and one Hersey kiss candy.  Sounds kind of frugal but I was in heaven and it was a total treat because I wasn’t served soda at home.  Later as a teen in high school I was drinking a can of soda with lunch every day! Today one soda a day would be considered moderate as many people ( kids especially) drink more and the portion sizes have increased!

I continued this regular habit of drinking soda straight into my early twenties. The “boost” and “pick me up” was what I became addicted to.  I never developed a coffee habit and I found my energy boost from soda. Interesting enough  it turns out coffee may have been a better choice. There is some research showing that moderate coffee consumption ( 2 cups) may have health benefits when it comes to preventing certain conditions, but it really depends on your bio-individuality.  Click this link and learn how you are unique!

I left out the soda “brands” here because this post isn’t about demonizing soda companies. I think a soda at a ball game, party or any special occasion isn’t a bad thing and can be a treat. Unfortunately this is not how we drink soda. We drink lots of it and daily!  A can of soda has three times the amount of” sugar” compared to the teaspoon of sugar you might add to your one cup of coffee.  Laden with empty calories soda also has a particular kind of sweetener called high fructose corn syrup which we are learning really disturbs our insulin levels and can trigger an inflammation response in our body.  To add insult to injury, I haven’t even mentioned weight gain which is another side effect of drinking 20 oz. soda’s!

I won’t get on the soap-box here because there are so many respected health experts I interview right here at WWB who can explain why soda just isn’t good for us.  Here is my personal perspective about soda and soft drinks in general…

What I am interested in is ENERGY.  I had to drink at least two cans of soda to get the caffeine I could have had with one cup of coffee but I also received a sugar rush ( and the crash) from all that “syrup” in the soda. My soda consumption became a very bad habit for fueling up and staying awake! Yes, the office desk is littered with many a “soda can” on it and in today’s stressed out work place, we are all looking for a “boost”.

Fortunately I caught on to my soda addiction early in life and I switched to unsweetened black ice tea. Slump time for me is about 1pm and it’s the perfect time for a little caffeine boost.  I know, I know I should probably drink warm tea.  Lecture me later! Tea is my fuel of choice but there are many other options out there to replace the old soda habit ( and possible addiction) you might be wrestling with.

Try thinking of it this way. You wouldn’t think of putting cheap oil into your finely tuned car would you? Treat your body like the best top of the line car you can conjure up in your mind ( apparently mine is Herbie the Love Bug!) and fuel up with the good stuff. Most nutritionist and fitness trainers I chat with would tell you the best ways to boost your energy is to follow a good diet, get enough sleep and exercise every day.  All wise advice! But this post is about finding options for soft drinks and here are three super cool options to replace the ritual we all call “getting a can of soda”.


Pure Inventions


FIRST UP: Pure Inventions: A fabulous option to coffee, tea or soda this special elixir can be used in so many refreshing treat variations you will never be bored! Pomegranate Teatini anyone? Or maybe a Blueberry White Tea Smoothie is your fancy? Love how you can customize your own refreshing drink!





Bai Juice

NEXT UP: BAI 5 Pinch yourself, you’re not dreaming! In Bai 5 you really have found delicious good-for-you options to sugary sodas and artificially-sweetened drinks. How do Bai 5-Calorie Antioxidant Infusions deliver so much delicious great taste without calories and sugar? The answer is 100% natural of course! They use a perfectly balanced combination of Organic Stevia and Erythritol to sweeten the entire line of flavorful Bai 5 beverages.
 Low on the Glycemic Index? Yes!

The Glycemic Index (GI) provides a measurement of how carbohydrates impact blood sugar levels after they are consumed. While carbohydrates can often cause blood sugar levels to spike and then drop drastically resulting in a noticeable slump in energy, the natural sweeteners used in Bai 5 are low glycemic – meaning they don’t raise blood sugar levels in the body. That makes Organic Stevia, derived from an herb, and Erythritol (ih-RITH-ri-tawl), made from GMO-free field corn, excellent, natural alternatives to sugar, especially for diabetics, dieters and all who are limiting their sugar consumption.


Beauty Foods

LAST BUT NOT LEAST: Beauty Foods:  Now, I think this could be a comfy soothing treat you can have at any time but seems to be marketed as a good night time ritual! Each decadent flavor is made with premium, all-natural ingredients and is mildly sweetened to perfection. Just mix with milk, heat, relax and enjoy. Have yourself a healthy melt-down!

Nightly Beauty…Promotes healthy, beautiful skin, supports overall well-being and health from the inside out , helps maintain vibrant, fresh skin, promotes relaxation & restorative sleep. See website for ingredient information supporting these claims.

Get your glow on with three beautiful, all-natural flavors:

Chocolate Bliss a pure and indulgent chocolate experience
Chocolate Chai Renewal — milk chocolate infused with cardamom and other chai-inspired spices
Vanilla Dream — creamy and luscious, infused with the finest Madagascar vanilla




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