WWB’s ‘Beauty Food’ of the Week is in Every Queen’s Beauty Regime…

Ideal Find in a Bottle: Pure Mee Beauty

WWB’s Beauty Food of the week has been used as a beauty product since the days of Cleopatra and it continues to be used today in manufactured and homemade products for skin and hair care. Cleopatra was not only beautiful, but had radiant, soft, silky skin.  She and other Queens have followed honey beauty regimes designed for giving them beautiful skin.

The use of honey as a cosmetic in Ancient Greece dates back to 5000 BC, when skin care was based on bee products, goats milk, herbs, and olive oil. Honey was used to make facemasks and body scrubs. It has anti-inflammatory actions and helps shed dead skin cells. Ancient Greek women enjoyed honey and milk baths as part of their nightly beauty regime. Today it’s still a major ingredient in contemporary Greek beauty products.


Honey is one of nature’s very own anti-aging serums. With its natural antioxidant and anti-microbial properties, raw Honey is rich in vitamins and minerals (glucose and fructose) – nutrients that seem to be the perfect ‘skin food’.  Honey is also a humectant and attracts water which makes it a wonderful moisturizer.  A strong anti-inflammatory and natural antiseptic, it removes impurities from the skin. This is found particularly in raw honey.

Can’t make it to a spa today? Relax and do what comes naturally to a Queen. Take a milk and honey bath!

Truly Herself, Lauroly


  • Pour 1-2 cups of milk (or 1/2 c. full-fat powdered milk) and 1/2 c. honey under running, warm water.
  • Mix, and hop in. Close your eyes and imagine beautiful men fanning you with palm leaves. Repeat as necessary!

WWB FYI: For full effect, brush your skin lightly and in circular motions with a dry brush or a wash cloth before getting in the bathtub.





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