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WWB’s Weekly Wisdom Wrap: 10 Simple Ways to Celebrate ‘National Relaxation Day’ Every Day…


Happy National Relaxation Day! Don’t you just love this Spanish Proverb? I thought it was absolutely perfect for this day. Here in the U.S we most definitely need to have a national day dedicated to relaxation. There are so many things we can do to relax. For some of us it could be pampering ourselves by getting a mani/pedi or scheduling a massage. But I think we need to remember that relaxing is something we can do simply everyday. Every Saturday at World Wise Beauty Facebook we celebrate Blissful Saturdays and I always share a ‘Find Your Spot’ post. Sometimes the images are from beautiful spots in exotic places, but often they are just images of peaceful places where you imagine yourself taking time to relax and ‘just be’.

Relaxing is a natural state that all of us can experience without ever spending a cent! It’s a feeling and state of mind that we can create for ourselves as long as we make it a priority. Since we know how harmful stress chemicals can be running through our body, it is our wellness duty to make sure we find ways to relax and melt the stress away. Below I share 10 simple ways to relax and all are things you can do to practice ‘self-care’ everyday. Wishing you a blissful Saturday and Happy National Relaxation Day!

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