WWB Book Wise Club

Living Life Well in 2024–The WWB ‘Book Wise’ Tool Kit for Humans

It’s January 2024 and New Year resolutions abound! Some want to forget the year they have traversed and just want to get on with the New Year. No reflection, no resolutions, just hope for better days ahead. We all have different ways of processing ‘time passing’. I come from the camp of “what did I learn” and “what can I take with me” into the New Year and build upon. Some years yield more wisdom and lessons that are hard to bare, and other years offer little aha moments that we never want to forget because they are so profound. There is a quote that speaks to me about the passing of time and I will share it with you here…

“Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on,
with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us”
~Hal Borland

The WWB Book Wise picks featured in 2023 are all timeless and speak to our holistic nature. They remind us that we are not a machine, but rather a dynamic multi-faceted living breathing human being. Each book inspires us to live life well by nurturing our nature (mind, body, and spirit) holistically. Experience teaches us and so do books! Being open to learning from both is the key to cultivating wellness wisdom.

Loving all the parts of our human nature is our goal for the New Year! My purpose in selecting and sharing the Book Wise picks is to raise the importance of holistic health care predominantly practiced by you. Because after all, no-one can live your life as well as you! Wishing you a joyful 2024 filled with love, health, and happiness. Consider the Book Wise selections your wellness tool-kit and a guide for living life well in 2024 and flourishing through the ages!


Laura Connolly, CHC and Founder of World Wise Beauty


The 2023 Takeaway…Nurturing Your Human Nature

WINTER 2023: ‘The Fun Habit’ by Mike Rucher, PhD.

You’ve heard that expression ‘A good life is a life you don’t have to escape from.”.  This is where the book ‘The Fun Habit’ comes in and will be very helpful. And by the way, a health coach like myself can help you integrate these good habits into your wellness lifestyle too! The author and PhD Mike Rucker does an excellent job of helping us discover and define fun, so we can make it meaningful in our own personal lives. As lighthearted as the title might sound, this book is delving into an area of ‘self care’ and ‘healthcare’ that has been very undervalued. We need fun and joy in our lives because it nourishes the other areas of our health ( such as our immune system) so we can thrive, flourish and be productive.

Wellness Wisdom Takeaway: Take having fun seriously! All work and no play make for depressed spirits! And it can’t be had with just one vacation a year. Find your daily fun, and make joy a habit. How’s that for a New Year’s resolution!


Spring 2023: ‘Well Rested’ by Jolene Hart, CHC

Getting a good night’s sleep is so important to our mind, body and spirit. But well rested is more than just sleep! Just like fun, developing rituals and habits that refresh, restore, and revitalize us from our hectic modern living is definitely a top priority and NOT a luxury. Learning to slow down and attune to your nature is the path to living well and staying healthy. Jolene offers 365 days of rituals, recipes and reflections that will get you well on your way. Can you afford 10 minutes a day for your health and sanity? I think so! I keep this book my by bedside for inspirational reminders!

Wellness Wisdom Takeaway:  Find Your Calm. If stress management and finding peace is a goal, your first place to start is caring for your nervous system. When you lose sleep, or are overstimulated with too much of EVERYTHING the first thing that is affected is your nervous system. It’s no wonder anxiety was the most reported mental illness complaint in 2023. Calming your nervous system is not necessarily a glass of wine, or a massage. It can be, but knowing yourself well and what you need to recalibrate on a daily basis is key to not just managing stress but actually finding peace in your life. Those restorative and calm moments can keep you well rested every day!


Summer 2023: ‘The Well Lived Life: A 102 -Year Old Doctor’s Six Secrets to Health & Happiness at Every Age (Just released on Paperback!)

What I found refreshing about this book is there is no diet and dogmatic advice about how to eat and live. As an integrative nutrition health coach, I believe our emotional well-being and mindset is just as important to our health as our diet is. Dr. Gladys  six secrets to health and happiness at every age really gets to the heart of living well!

Wellness Wisdom Takeaway: Your life force and energy matters greatly to your happiness, health, and longevity. And love is the most powerful energy of all! When we connect with our lifeforce (love) we can then send that energy out into the world with rippling effects. As Dr. Gladys shares in the book, connecting with your ‘juice’ ( inner light, bliss, passion, life force, etc.) is the key to health and happiness. You’ll know it when you FEEL it. Dr. Gladys shares her personal stories on how she opened up to connect with her own lifeforce, and they are truly inspiring. She might know a thing or two at 102 right?!


Fall 2023: “Calm Your Mind With Food’ a Revolutionary Guide to Controlling Your Anxiety with Food

As a Nutritional Psychiatrist, Dr. Naidoo has helped us to understand the inextricable relationship between diet and mental health. The food we eat impacts our mental health. There is a natural symbiosis between food and the body’s brain chemistry. Reading this book will connect all the dots for you and you will never look at the food on your plate the same again. A must read!

Wellness Wisdom Takeaway: “Let thy food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. Food is an important part of your life force and affects your mind, body, and spirit for better and for worse. Choose wisely for your personal bio-individuality. One size eating does not fit all! Listen to your body and look closely at your genetics, environment, and personal lifestyle. Love the food, that loves you back!