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World Wise Beauty Selects the Energy Boosting “Ignite Your Light’ as the Spring Book Wise Read…

As a wellness passioneer, and an avid reader, I have read and shared many books. Interesting enough, the books that stick out in my mind in the wellness sphere are focused on energy as a powerful life force within us. The books that enlightened me most were books exploring energy manifestation and the holistic synergy of our mind, body and spirit. Quantum Healing Exploring the Frontiers of Mind, Body Medicine by Deepak Chopra (released 1989) explored the field of psycho-neuroimmunology  which now thirty years later is advancing  successful treatments of auto-immune conditions and other diseases. Deepak was on the cutting edge and covered quantum physics and mechanics while also drawing on ancient wisdom. Some of you might be thinking–sounds too esoteric or academic. In a sense, his book was ‘quite heady’ and over the years Deepak went on to write other books covering these ideas in a more digestible way for us to understand. In a nutshell, he was explaining how all the cells in our body are part of a communication network. Think simply, your mind, body, and spirit all inter-relating to one another as a network and creating your state of well-being.

Later in 2005 another book was released called ‘The Biology of Belief’ by Dr. Bruce Lipton. He focused on cellular biology and explored how our DNA is controlled by signals from outside the cell, including energetic messages emanating from our positive and negative thoughts. We now know through proven scientific research that our thoughts affect our feelings, and our feelings affect our overall health systems including our immune system. Our cells are talking to each other! In laymen’s terms our overall state of well-being matters greatly to our health. Some people take these ideas quite literally, and equate a negative thought or emotion with creating illness. Not quite, and it is far more complex that this. What matters is the energy behind our states of being. For example long periods of depression or stress can weaken our immune systems which then creates illness.

Twelve years later in 20017 ‘The Telomere Effect’ by Dr. Elisa Appel and Nobel prize winning scientist Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn was released.  The Telomere Effect reveals how Blackburn and Epel’s findings, together with research from colleagues around the world, cumulatively show that sleep quality, exercise, aspects of diet, and even certain chemicals profoundly affect our telomeres, and that chronic stress, negative thoughts, strained relationships, and even the wrong neighborhoods can eat away at them. All the dots are connected for you in this book, but it is also quite scientific. Hang on, there is light at the end of the tunnel!

Why have I brought up these books?  Because, they are a good foundation for understanding the science behind the concept of energy being a powerful life force and driver of our health.  If science jargon is not your thing, you are going to love the book I have selected for the Spring Book Wise read! Let’s thank  Jolene Hart, the author featured here for a beautiful, simple and enlightening book about our life force ENERGY! I chose her book ‘Ignite Your Light’ because it is exactly what we need to move forward in a world that right now is in a state of ‘dis-ease’ This beautiful and insightful book cross-pollinates all the science about energy and holistic health, and makes it accessible and enjoyable  for everyone to read. More than this, she shares practical and applicable ways to apply your new found wisdom to every day living. We don’t need to be rocket scientist to live life well, but it helps to respect the wisdom and research coming from scientist and that is exactly what Jolene Hart has done with her book. She nods to modern science, ancient wisdom, and to mother nature, so we can ‘ignite our energy’ and nourish our mind, body & spirit in all aspects of our lives. Let’s chat with Jolene and learn more about this fantastic wellness book! I don’t need to say this, but this is the perfect gift for Mom and any friend this year as we all hunker down at home safely.




Laura Connolly, Founder of World Wise Beauty


IYL Cover


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Lauroly Q- Welcome back Jolene! I am so happy to feature another one of your enlightening books. ‘Ignite Your Light’ is truly enlightening and there is no pun intended! In the book you say “Every day we make conscious energetic choices, and your own energy is an alchemy of thoughts and feelings, food and movement, people and surroundings that are uniquely yours.” I thought this was such a great summary of what holistic wellness is all about. Based on your quote what are three things we can do every day to brighten our energy or modulate our dimming energy? This art of modulation seems to be the secret to igniting our light and so important in our time of Covid 19.


Jolene Hart: Thank you so much for helping me share the message of this book, Laura! Ignite Your Light is filled with many, many ideas that can inspire energy shifts each day, and I hope readers will pick the ones that speak to their needs and their individual routines. With this book I wanted to show the diverse ways that energy affects us across an average day, from influences as varied as mindset, relationships, spirituality, home space, and play. From this book, you might be inspired to rethink what you do before you get out of bed in the morning, find a new creative outlet, create a release ritual before bedtime to encourage better sleep, or change different aspects of the spaces you spend the most time in. There’s a little something for everyone!


Lauroly Q- I love the title of your book and appreciate how you focused on nature’s cycle of light from sunrise to moonlight. When we tune in to nature there is a rhythm that is very grounding and comforting. Can you share how tuning into nature’s rhythms helps to elevate our energy and sense of wellness? Examples are always great!


Jolene Hart: I think there is a different energy to be felt within different moments of the day, one of the reasons why this book breaks the day into four parts, each with unique energy influences. And I feel similarly about nature; different aspects of nature have unique effects on our energy. As you point out it often works in a rhythmic way. The sun is energizing, stimulating, and awakening, while the earth is grounding, calming, and restorative. Water is cleansing, resetting, refreshing. Moonlight encourages reflection, stillness, and awe. I think by experiencing and appreciating the many ways that your energy is impacted by nature each day, you gain wisdom about yourself, as well as a powerful tool to use to support your continued health.


Lauroly Q- Awesome wise answer, Jolene! As we read your book, we begin to understand how everything we let ‘in’ can affect our energy states. It is no surprise that food is fuel for so many aspects of our energy states. Food nourishes (or depletes) our mind, body and spirit, and I love how much content you devoted to nutrition. Readers will find beautiful photographs and delicious recipes. The ancient Greek culture believed food had energy states. What does food affect besides filling our tummy and satisfying our taste buds? Adding a teaser image from the book for everyone!

IYL Interior 2


Jolene Hart: Food has a huge influence on energy, foremost in the quality and quantity of nutrition it delivers. But your relationship with food and the way you feel while preparing and eating it also influence its overall energetic effects. The recipes in Ignite Your Light were created with the goal that you will experience their energy—in the food prep process, in the freshness and color of their ingredients, in the tastes and smells they produce—and watch how it affects your own. A recipe like the Sunday Morning Ginger-Apple Fritters produces slow, meditative energy as you peel apples and fill your home with the smell of baking treats. The Coconut-Raspberry Love Bites lets you create handmade snacks filled with love. The Wild Salmon with Apricots and Honey is meant to feel as joyful and decadent as it is nourishing at the end of a workday. And that’s just a few! I really had fun creating and photographing the recipes in this book.

Lauroly Q- Yum, getting hungry and can’t wait to try the recipes! I have tried a few already from your Eat Pretty book and they were a hit with my guests! What are some other things in modern life that influence our energies and power our inner light?


Jolene Hart: Certainly our energy can be impacted by any personal interaction, however small. That’s just one reason why the people we surround ourselves with become considerable energy influencers in our lives. We also control inputs like media, making it important to notice how the things that we watch and listen to affect us, especially at the current moment. In the book I also share how music and sound affect our energy; it’s a fascinating discussion about a tool we can use just about anywhere for an instant energy shift.


Lauroly closing: Thank you so much for gracing World Wise Beauty with your wisdom Jolene. Every book you write is informative, enlightening and a delight to read. This short Q&A does not capture all the wonderful things you have included in ‘Ignite Your Light’. Readers will find Self-Care tips, Energy Quizzes, Recipes and Wellness Wisdom surrounded by beautiful illustrations and photographs. This is the distinctive charm of your books, Jolene. You inspire, delight and educate. Thank you for advancing wellness culture and helping us to cultivate wellness wisdom. You are greatly appreciated!

Jolene Closing: Thank you for allowing me to share it with your readers, Laura! This book was inspired by a very personal journey through chronic illness but it came to life when I saw how deeply energy affected us universally, from our physical health and beauty, to our resilience in the face of challenges, to the joy we derive from daily life. I think it’s a book that can inspire us to move forward mindfully from our current collective challenge, and to grow our own resilience as we do.


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