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THE WWB Spring 24 Book Wise Pick is ‘Just One Heart’ A Cardiologist’s Guide to Healing, Health, and Happiness

It is no surprise the heart gets so much attention in the world of health and wellness. According to the Center of Disease & Control, over 60 million women (44%) in the United States are living with some form of heart disease. Heart disease is the leading cause of death for women in the United States and 1 and 3 women will die from it. These are hard cold facts and even worse, most cardiovascular diseases can be prevented with education and healthy lifestyle changes. Read that again.

I’ve featured a number of excellent books here at World Wise Beauty focused on understanding the heart’s powerful importance to our overall health. The newly released Spring Book Wise Pick ‘Just One Heart’ is an illuminating book that is going to connect all the dots for you HOLISTICALLY.

Sharing his own personal journey as a driven cardiologist challenged by personal grief and burnout, Dr. Fisher exposes the under-appreciated impact of stress and emotions on heart health and explores the emerging science of the mind-heart connection. Through both a professional and personal lens, Dr. Fisher synthesizes everything you need to know about the heart in the context of your total well-being. You’ll find numerous references throughout the book with experts in the mind-body health field as well as lessons from his personal interactions with patients. It is also a practical and inspirational guide for living through difficult times with an open healthy heart intact. This book is the ‘total package’ when it comes to embracing true holistic heart health.

Dr. Jonathan Fisher, is a Harvard trained cardiologist, certified mindfulness teacher, and a well-being and resiliency leader at Novant Health, supporting a team of 38,000. What could be better than these impressive credentials? I’ll tell you– it’s his personal mission to help others harness the power of the mind-heart connection to create a kinder, more compassionate world.  A worthwhile read indeed! 


Laura Connolly, CHC, Founder of World Wise Beauty

Coach Lauroly Q – Thank you for joining me Dr. Fisher, it’s an honor to platform your book ‘Just One Heart’.  Let’s start with your personal/professional wellness journey. The modern western approach to health views the heart as a mechanical organ and a pump for circulating blood throughout the body. What was the defining moment when you realized as a cardiologist that our heart health was reliant on our emotional, social, and spiritual well-being too?

Dr. Jonathan Fisher: It’s a pleasure to be here, Laura. The journey to recognizing the heart’s deeper connections began in my early years as a physician when I saw the limits of treating the heart as merely an organ. The defining moment came during a critical period of personal and professional growth, as I grappled with the loss of my sister, Andrea. Her struggle and the profound impact of our emotional bonds on my own health led me to explore how our emotional, social, and spiritual well-being directly influence heart health. This insight shaped my approach, driving me to advocate for a holistic view where heart health is seen as integrally connected to our entire being.

Coach Lauroly Q-  I am so sorry for your loss. Grief and pain can be a catalyst for many. Grateful it took you on a profound and healing wellness journey. You state in your book “our hearts are sensitive to our emotional states” and devoted two chapters to delving into this. One chapter on ‘Heart Breakers’ and the other which I love is called ‘Heart Wakers’. We need to have courses from you on ‘Heart Wakers’! The world is metaphorically a bleeding heart right now and we all need to learn to strengthen our physical, emotional, and spiritual hearts as much as possible. Can you share one of your heart wakers you think is extremely helpful to holistic health and wellness?

Dr. Jonathan Fisher: One of the most transformative ‘Heart Wakers’ I discuss in my book ‘Just One Heart’ is the practice of mindfulness and presence. In our fast-paced world, taking a moment to be present can dramatically reduce stress and enhance our emotional and physical heart health. Mindfulness helps us connect deeply with our environment and the people in it, fostering relationships that nourish the heart and spirit. This practice not only supports cardiac health but also enriches our emotional resilience, serving as a powerful tool for holistic wellness.

Coach Lauroly Q – At World Wise Beauty, I’m committed to cultivating wellness wisdom. In your book you present wisdom as as a synergy of the brain, heart and gut. How do we tune in and connect the three in our own lives?

Dr. Jonathan Fisher: Connecting the brain, heart, and gut requires an integrated approach to health that respects and nurtures each component. It starts with self-awareness—recognizing how our thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations are interconnected. Practices like yoga, meditation, and balanced nutrition play crucial roles. They help us achieve a harmony that enhances decision-making, emotional stability, and overall health. This synergy allows us to listen more deeply to our bodies, making choices that align with our total well-being.

Coach Lauroly Q – I believe your chapter on “How to safely open your heart in a threatening world” will resonate for many. How do we keep our hearts warm surrounded by cold hearts, and work on not letting our hearts harden when we are hurt by hurt people?

Dr. Jonathan Fisher: Keeping our hearts open in the face of adversity is one of life’s greatest challenges and also its most rewarding pursuits. It requires cultivating a profound level of empathy and understanding. Recognizing that those who hurt us are often in pain themselves can help us respond with compassion rather than defensiveness. Practices like forgiveness and setting emotional boundaries are essential. They protect our hearts while allowing us to remain open and empathetic, preventing the hardening of our hearts and fostering a healthier emotional environment for ourselves and those around us.

Lauroly Closing – A very wise response and a mindful practice we all need practice at! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, expertise, and wisdom Dr. Fisher. Most of all, thank you for opening up your heart and sharing your personal journey to holistic wellness.

Dr. Jonathan Fisher Closing: Thank you for the opportunity to share these insights, Laura. If we can approach our health and interactions with an open heart and a mindful presence, we not only enhance our own lives but also contribute to a more compassionate and healthy world. It’s my hope that “Just One Heart” inspires readers to embark on this enriching journey, discovering and strengthening the mind-heart connection that influences our heart health and overall well-being.